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Trying to make my life look more interesting

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Accident prone :o(

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On the up side served a David Tennant look-a-like! Mmm
16th Sep 2006, 14:08  


how did you manage to cut(?) both of you fingers?

16th Sep 2006, 14:10

FilbertFox says:

silly girl! Are you otherwise fine and well?

16th Sep 2006, 15:15

Dazzle_Dust says:

I got savaged by a corned beef tin while trying to open it at work. They are not the small one u get in the shops but about half a meter long!! Owww!

I was fine a well and then couldnt breathe this week!! So went to the doctors like a good girl and got some medicine so hopefull will be back to my normal self!! Frightened my house mates thou!! Thanks for asking :)

18th Sep 2006, 13:20

Twiglet says:

Whaddaya mean you couldn't breathe?? Do you breath out of your fingernails then?? only joking..... hope you are feeling really well. Love the blue plasters, match the Divine Daughter's school uniform! xx

18th Sep 2006, 13:22

Dazzle_Dust says:

I'm glad...

It would appear my asthma has returned with full force. I've puffed and puffed and blown myself into a coma!!

18th Sep 2006, 13:24

Twiglet says:

Sorry to hear that, keep well darling.

By the way, did you enter details of the cuts into the accident book or fill out a Health and safety form? If not do so... really don't wait for your employers on this one.

18th Sep 2006, 13:28

Helen says:


Muses to self: who was it that recently didn't believe us when we put forward the corned beef tin as a very possible cause of death?

10th Oct 2006, 22:27