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scurvy cur......yarrr


avast, here be monsters!

19th Sep 2006, 10:41

Spike says:

yaarrrr (hahhahaha) arrrrr

19th Sep 2006, 10:41

mouseninja says:

yarrrrr.... capn Beezer !!

19th Sep 2006, 10:42

paintist says:

tis true, we be in a baaaaad mood,we think we will keelhaul ye, arrrrr

19th Sep 2006, 10:42

they call him......the dread pirate gingerbeard!

19th Sep 2006, 10:42

paintist says:

his pirate name for the day is Dispeptic Bob Smithe according to the pirate name generator site, hahaha...

19th Sep 2006, 10:44

i have to do this! LOOK AT THE BEEZER!

he looks awesome! yarrrr..!!

19th Sep 2006, 10:45

oh could you tag it beezer?

19th Sep 2006, 10:46

monkey finger gives me Poop Deck Carlos.

i am re-dubbed!

19th Sep 2006, 10:46


19th Sep 2006, 10:46

Joe says:

yaaar! thats fantastic!....

19th Sep 2006, 10:47

paintist says:

19th Sep 2006, 10:48

backwards lamb gets me 'No-Neck Ross'.

my real name gets me 'Cap'n Brody Redbeard' how did they know i have a red beard?

19th Sep 2006, 10:49

seaneeboy says:

Take ye a gander at the Beezer!

19th Sep 2006, 10:49

I am Cap'n Beatrice KeelHaul.hehehe

19th Sep 2006, 10:50

Rick says:

This is Caine, not Rick. Hahahahahahaha! Shiver me timberrrrrrs. :D
this is Rick. I want the Beezers hat!

19th Sep 2006, 10:52

with bloodstains and all? we will fight eeee for it,....

19th Sep 2006, 10:54

have ye made the land lubber dido a hat?

19th Sep 2006, 10:54

Viv says:

ho ho ho!

19th Sep 2006, 10:55

I salute ye, Cap'n Beezer

19th Sep 2006, 10:55

the dread pirate dido is here

19th Sep 2006, 10:56

arghhhhh oi wus jus lookin for that meesen......

19th Sep 2006, 10:57

i'm just too swift for ye!

19th Sep 2006, 10:58

swift as a flock of pooping seagulls ye be, for sure for sure...arrrr ( does that sound a bit oirish to you?)

19th Sep 2006, 11:01

puddlepuff says:

I'm Rotting Baird Grimm

19th Sep 2006, 11:02

puddlepuff says:



19th Sep 2006, 11:02

paintist says:

nice to meet ee rotting baird....

19th Sep 2006, 11:04

yarrr..... i be havin a new name now...

19th Sep 2006, 11:19

"Scurv-aceous" Faye Sparrow I am likin your name....

19th Sep 2006, 11:20

Aye "Scurv-aceous" Faye Sparrow is a fine Pirate name and no mistakin'

19th Sep 2006, 11:29

my crewmate ben has been re-dubbed wankin' bobby cooke!

19th Sep 2006, 11:32

SaharaSB says:

ahh.. that is SO cute ! :)

19th Sep 2006, 11:41

arr thankeee, whats your new job then lassy?

19th Sep 2006, 12:09

AAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!! I'm going to make Beezer my desktop wallpaper. Thats priceless! LOL!! :))

19th Sep 2006, 13:23

Buttscrape you are a wench of good taste....

19th Sep 2006, 18:20

Fantastic picture, love it ;-)

19th Sep 2006, 21:57

ookiine says:


19th Sep 2006, 22:40

factotum says:

I've waited until evening to say so, but this is my favourite pirate pic of the day!

19th Sep 2006, 23:55

agree totally. that is one dangerous sea dog.

20th Sep 2006, 00:39

paintist says:

beezer thanks you, and is glad that talk like a pirate day is over for a year,,,he was also glad to take off the hat...people kept staring....hehehe

20th Sep 2006, 07:34

Gael NLI says:

If this isn't already on the shared Pirate blog it needs to be...

14th Nov 2006, 18:42

paintist says:

thanks Gael , I think I will :-)

14th Nov 2006, 20:24

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