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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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I'm developing a minor obsession with this power station, which i pass on the train twice a week.

Caine says:

These are really nice. I like the second and third shots best. I know those odd little obsessions, I have more than one myself.

19th Sep 2006, 14:40

OJ says:

Thanks Caine. If I remember to whip the camera out at the appropriate moment every time, I might go for every season. The one I'm missing is a shot I saw too late with the field in the foreground livid with yellow oilseed rape.

19th Sep 2006, 14:49

*Hums intro tune of the Simpsons*

19th Sep 2006, 14:50

Joe says:

I pass the one on the M62 3 times a week, current policies on photographing whilst driving (which I feel are ridiculous and nanny state esq incidentaly) prevent me from posting the pictures I have.

19th Sep 2006, 14:55

OJ says:

Drax Joe? I always thought that was a great name for a potentially lethal installation....

By the way, anyone care to play spot the difference between today's shot (1) and last week's (2)?

19th Sep 2006, 14:59

Joe says:

Drax B in fact (my dad was a bit of a powerstation geek)I find them fascinating, if rather ugly....we used to call them weather factories as kids, due to all the steam rising and forming clouds

19th Sep 2006, 15:05

OJ says:

There are two? Hang on...

19th Sep 2006, 15:06

Joe says:

I think there are actually 3...I've seen coal trucks saying "coal for Drax C" on them....unless of course they have multiple which case my dad was winding me up (which wouldn't be out of character)

19th Sep 2006, 15:08

540air says:

Is that the one on the A1/M62 on the way up to Leeds, Harrogate and Wetherby?

19th Sep 2006, 15:20

OJ says:

No, the pictured power station, is Fiddlers Ferry which is on the Mersey estuary near Widnes.

19th Sep 2006, 15:21

Joe says:

yep, just before junction 30 on the M62, but there are several in that valley.

[edit] doh, I mean the one I'm talking about, not the one pictured above!

19th Sep 2006, 15:21

Joe says:

hey I just spotted a difference, there appears to be a pylon missing in todays shot!

19th Sep 2006, 15:27

Viv says:

they are fascinating!

hope you are better now

19th Sep 2006, 15:35

OJ says:

Congratulations Joe, you spotted the difference. Wonder where that went??

Drinking ginseng Viv, so getting there..

19th Sep 2006, 15:44

540air says:

OJ - Ah right. It looked like the one that I think Joe passes.

Joe - The one you're talking about is on your left if headed north and about 20ish minutes short of the Harrogate junction?

19th Sep 2006, 16:02

Joe says:

hmm on the m62 it's on the right heading west 1 junction before the Leeds/M1/M621 junction.

19th Sep 2006, 16:04

540air says:

hmmm the one I'm thinking of I pass driving up to Harrogate from here. I go up the A1, past the Leeds turnoff I think, and get off at Wetherby. I'm sure it's on the left as I go because I use it as one of those "Whew, finally I'm almost there" markers :)

19th Sep 2006, 16:49

OJ says:

19th Sep 2006, 17:01

540air says:

Haha, thanks OJ, yes I think it may well be Ferrybridge :)

19th Sep 2006, 17:06

FilbertFox says:

i have some old slides of one being demolished years ago. The explosion was soooo good. I want to blow lots of building up now...

20th Sep 2006, 13:21

paul walker says:

sorry not got an emaul address but if the power station is taken near m62 or a1 it is eggborough power station as ferry bridge as eight cooling towers and two chinmeys and drax as twelve cooling towers and one chimney as eggborough as eight cooling towers and one chimney ence the power station pictures ps i ahve lots of power staion pictures and study them lots anyone else have any questions pleae ask i am most willing and very happt to help paul walker scunthorpe

23rd Nov 2006, 19:14