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Richard Hammond

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Fingers crossed that he makes a full recovery from his injuries. (link)

Picture from BBC website.
21st Sep 2006, 11:55   | tags:,,,,

Poor guy - I wish him all the best. He's a great guy and together they make an ace team so hopefully he'll be back!

21st Sep 2006, 11:55

i really like richard hammond on top gear. the three of them work really well, its sad what has happend. i hope he gets through this

21st Sep 2006, 11:56

SaharaSB says:

oh shit. praying he makes a full recovery...

21st Sep 2006, 12:03

seaneeboy says:

Indeed, he's one very talented presenter in a vast swathing sea of not-that-great presenters.

Gutted to hear he was leaving Braniac recently too.

21st Sep 2006, 12:07

Rich says:

Yeah, Top Gear is awesome and he seems like a great chap. here's hoping for a fast recovery - And let's face it, it will be an amazing story, if they can show it

21st Sep 2006, 12:09

Twiglet says:

Get well wishes to Hammond, a great TV presenter.

21st Sep 2006, 12:39

the guy is a dude. top gear is top.

21st Sep 2006, 13:05

Joe says:

According to that story, he's in Shoes' hospital.

Really hope he's OK, the show wouldn't be the same without him.

21st Sep 2006, 13:16

seaneeboy says:

Joe - yes, he was taken there for the neurology unit. Latest news is he's showing slight improvement, but it's likely to be a long recovery.

21st Sep 2006, 13:33

JokerXL says:

Top dude, "Braniac" is a great show too.
Best wishes to the "Hamster".

21st Sep 2006, 13:40

hildegard says:

Poor little Hammie... :(
Comitted environmentalist that I am, only Hammond & Captain Slow could have made me laugh at people playing football in cars...
And he wuvs his poodle... how could anyone not warm to the guy?

21st Sep 2006, 15:18

Puddlepuff says:

What is significant brain injury Clicky

Sounds weird in combi with:

"reasonably optimistic" the 36-year-old would make a good recovery.

21st Sep 2006, 19:41

Puddlepuff says:

But what is it?

21st Sep 2006, 20:01

kostika says:

He's leaving Brainiac?!?! He's the best reason to watch that show. That sucks.

I hope he recovers though. He's such a fun guy to watch on tv.

21st Sep 2006, 23:41

Joe says:

I notice that the media are not using the term "full recovery" but "good recovery" which doesn't bode well :(

I couldn't get through the hospital grounds to pick my wife up last night because of all the outside broadcast units, cameramen and newsreaders.

I really hope he's OK, why is it the good ones that always have the bad luck?

22nd Sep 2006, 08:19

kostika says:

But at least he got to drive a rocket car. How many people get to say they've done that.

22nd Sep 2006, 08:23

Mrs540 says:

Lets not forget his wife and kids also who must be going through hell right now.

22nd Sep 2006, 09:32

seaneeboy says:

Kos - yep, Vic Reeves is taking over (no, really)

This was sorted before the crash, with Richard having to leave because he was being offered all sorts of new projects.

Did anyone see his 5 O'clock ITV Show? It was woefully under produced, but he made such a good job of it.

22nd Sep 2006, 10:05

kostika says:

I probably won't watch it after season 4 then. Vic Reeves just won't be the same.

I've never seen anything else Richard, except Top Gear.

22nd Sep 2006, 11:36

Puddlepuff says:

Top Gear's Richard Hammond is out of intensive care and is making "satisfactory progress", doctors say.


So he's doing better, good news that is.

22nd Sep 2006, 11:41

Puddlepuff says:

So he's walking again,......


23rd Sep 2006, 11:54

hildegard says:

Bloomin' eck. That's some flipping rollcage. To hear that he's walking already beggars belief after such a crash. Way to go, l'il Hamster! :)

23rd Sep 2006, 13:13

alison j(Robert-dot-jiggins1-at-ntlworld-dot-com) says:

wont 2 wish the hamster as know the best of luck with a speedy recovery. tv wont be the same without him.thinking of his lovely family.and of course u richard.

24th Sep 2006, 18:11

540air says:

PP - thanks for adding the cLickY updates :)

Good to see from reading the papers and watching the news, that he would appear to be well and truly on the mend.

25th Sep 2006, 17:40

Puddlepuff says:

Amzing what the internet can do,....


A £177,048.10 so far,....

25th Sep 2006, 19:39

Nadine(pcdayuk-at-aol-dot-com) says:

Hi Richard how are you getting on with the new series of top gear, I'm loving it by the way. I hope you get this email & I hope you can send one back. I have enter that competition to come & meet you in London in January sometime I hope I win because it will be a dream come true if I do, so fingers crossed. I don't know if you can remember this but back in 2005 I was down the truckfeast in Shepton Mallet or as I call it Shit 'n' Smellet haha! Anyway when you where there I called out that I loved you & you smiled at me & waved when you drove past & I loved that, but my mum & dad never took me back to meet you and get your autograph which was really upsetting for me. so if you get this email & you do email me back please can I have a signed photo of you, I will give you my address that you can send the photo back to.
Your biggest fan Nadine Day xx
P.S. If you want to know who I am then go to www.bebo.com/HotHamsterHammond and look at my pictures. oh and I also have your autobiography & it is so good I can't stop Reading it!!

13th Nov 2007, 14:41

seaneeboy says:

Er, nadine, this isn't Richard I'm afraid, just another tribute of sorts... sorry about that.

13th Nov 2007, 14:53

Steve says:

Bless, that is too sweet

13th Nov 2007, 14:54

540air says:

Sweet indeed. Nadine, you might be better off contacting the BBC and asking them to pass your message along :)

13th Nov 2007, 16:51

Steve says:

540 the very least you could do is pass it on yourself... maybe you could start a fan site...

13th Nov 2007, 17:19

540air says:

Job creation scheme eh, fancy helping out running one then? ;)

13th Nov 2007, 17:46

540air says:

And being the nice guy, I forwarded it :)

13th Nov 2007, 18:03

Steve says:

Aw, you is lovely

13th Nov 2007, 23:52

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