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Sony Ericsson K700i

by k700i

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It's got a little light for the camera

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These are pretty close range, but it seems to do a fairly good job. Wouldn't fancy using it at further than about a metre or so, but I reckon it'll be handy for finding dropped things in the dark if nothing else.
7th Aug 2004, 20:30  


Alfie says:

The good thing about that I think is that the top one is sort of reminiscent of the t610's low light ability, and the light has brought everything into focus and lost that bittiness.

8th Aug 2004, 08:36

Rich says:

I got to take it out last night to experiment with low light "oot on the toon" shots. Thanks to Orange's PAYG service being down I wasn't able to blog 'em, but looking at them on the screen it looks like it's night mode stuff is much more noisy than the t610. Lots of sparkle and distortion. But that's balanced by the fact that the normal mode is good enough most of the time. I guess I just got used to sticking it on night mode whenever I wanted to take a picture in even slightly dusky conditions. Will have a look at getting some pics off it soon, but I don't know the email addy for this blog. DOH!!!!

Also, the effects are pretty cool, and the panorama function is utterly great and very cleverly done. And the memory is huuuuuuge. No more having to delete pics to free up room. Max video clip length is 12 seconds, but you can take tonnes of them, which is good. My impressions are that it's a really nice phone, shame they didn't keep the bakelite effect of the 610 though!

8th Aug 2004, 09:06

Rich says:

Oh yeah, that was it regarding the lighty conditions: You can adjust the contrast very easily, or the brightness, or whatever the hell it was I was adjusting that made the pictures better. Damned if I could find the zoom though. Possibly need to RTFM, though that is cheating, obviously.

Plus plus: Waiting time between pressing the button and picture actually being taken much much less. Fantastic, as that's the thing that pisses me off most about the t610.

8th Aug 2004, 09:13

mat says:

The zoom is a little, ah, creative. I'll be doing some tests on that later. Also panorama features and stuff.

8th Aug 2004, 12:06

Alfie says:

Yeah, the zoom you have to preselect the 160x size in order to be able to get maximum zoom, a little, er, tricky.

8th Aug 2004, 13:55

mat says:

It's not really a zoom, more a pre-crop feature. I've got a few shots to demo this with, but I'm currently trying to get my new Bluetooth dongle to play nice.

mp3s for ringtones though! I have the, frankly, brutal techno sounds of Squarepusher on there now. Oh joy.

8th Aug 2004, 15:35

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