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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

But they are not the only ones, as this Maximoblog is open to you!

Anyone who wants to send in a photo, whatever they feel relevant, we would love to see. The more the merrier, the more creative the better.

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Here are some pics of me with mates! just abit of a maximo fan uno! haha

posted by anonymous

30th Sep 2006, 08:11  

clara says:

Bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever...

30th Sep 2006, 09:30

anonymous says:

it'S a wee bit scary

30th Sep 2006, 09:53

anonymous says:

that boy scares me. oi...

30th Sep 2006, 11:42

anonymous says:


30th Sep 2006, 12:55

anonymous says:

haha, unlucky mate.

30th Sep 2006, 14:01

outofvision says:

err.. weird.

30th Sep 2006, 14:30

anon says:

what an absolute dick.

30th Sep 2006, 14:56

LR says:

haha funny but still a bit creepy.
jump in front of him (erm, Paul) when he's completely drunk. would love to see his reaction :P

30th Sep 2006, 15:45

anonymous says:

Give him a brake!...its only a laugh people!.

30th Sep 2006, 16:11

anonymous says: careful Paul!

30th Sep 2006, 16:12

anonymous says:

Im not!!! a stalker!....i only have the same hair!

30th Sep 2006, 16:19

clara says:

Lots of anonymous people on today.

30th Sep 2006, 16:20

clara says:

He looks not much like Paul really-more of a smoothie!!!!!!!!

30th Sep 2006, 16:20

outofvision says:

i would still give him a brake[!]!

30th Sep 2006, 16:30

Bound says:

Ahh. I am getting so nostalgic for the combover days of yore...I'm going to have to admit it's not coming back *cries*
As for the guy in the pics...Dude, you look a bit of a Nathan, but hey, if I was drunk...and squinted a bit...I probably would. :P

30th Sep 2006, 16:59

outofvision says:

@bound: very, very, very drunk, right? :D

30th Sep 2006, 17:11

clara says:

Oh c'mon Bound...everyone's forgotten about the combover.Paul's curls are much more appealing,you must admit.

30th Sep 2006, 19:11

anonymous says:

he still has the combover its just longer curls now at the back. :p

30th Sep 2006, 19:43

clara says:

How do you know?Have you seen him without his hat then?

30th Sep 2006, 20:20

clara says:

(I guess Paul must get sick of us analysing his hair,looks etc.
I know I would.)

30th Sep 2006, 20:29

anonymous says:

i've seen him without his hat fairly recently

30th Sep 2006, 20:44

clara says:

Was that at a show?

30th Sep 2006, 20:44

anonymous says:

he still has the cobover with out the hat doesant he! ive seen him without.

30th Sep 2006, 20:49

clara says:

I guess so.But he doesn't plaster it down with gel anymore.I like this style now.

30th Sep 2006, 20:52

clara says:

Though I guess the combover got people to look at him and listen to the music.

30th Sep 2006, 20:53

clara says:

Though I guess the combover got people to look at him and listen to the music.

30th Sep 2006, 20:53

clara says:

Sorry!Twice there.

30th Sep 2006, 20:53

anonymous says:

but he allways wheres the hat now so you dont see it much

30th Sep 2006, 20:55

clara says:

I wish I knew who you were,anonymous.It's a bit scary when you don't say...

30th Sep 2006, 20:56

clara says:

Ref.Paul's hair-the only thing I don't like about it is the bits at the side are too long.He should have sideburns again.

30th Sep 2006, 20:57

clara says:

Will you consider it,Paul?

30th Sep 2006, 20:58

heArtbeAt says:

Yes, sideburns. I agree with you there Clara.

Though, we have no rights whatsoever on Mr Smith hairstyle, now do we?

(Gosh my english is getting worse everyday...-_-')

Those pics are funny. He's got something of Paul...A bit...In the second pic...


30th Sep 2006, 22:30

clara says:

We can make suggestions about Paul's hairstyle,though,HeArtbeAt.
It's only advice.

I understand your English!

1st Oct 2006, 10:35

nichola says:

i was thrown a bit for a second there!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Oct 2006, 13:01

outofvision says:


1st Oct 2006, 14:46

outofvision says:

@converse: err.. no i don't think so, will do that now, i'm bored to death anyway!
tell me about being excited..! :D

1st Oct 2006, 15:18

outofvision says:

haha it's so funny watching lukas!
yes i can, where do you sleep? at the airport? :D sorry. but you get to be in london earlier.. :(

1st Oct 2006, 15:52

clara says:

@Converse,what do you mean by "I have to take the last train the evening before"?

1st Oct 2006, 16:07

outofvision says:

@converse: oh that sucks!
i'm still a bit pissed that my flight arrives quite late but there was no other flight available.. maybe you can save us a spot in the queue haha :P

1st Oct 2006, 16:13

clara says:

@Hella-I've found a route on the tube that would get you to Brixton a bit quicker.I'm going to email you about it now.

1st Oct 2006, 16:20

outofvision says:

@converse: hee hee :)
@clara: thank you!

1st Oct 2006, 16:24

cristina says:

you're all comin to brixton! see you there then :)

1st Oct 2006, 16:33

clara says:

@Hella-that's OK!My friend George worked it all out-he was very helpful.He used to live in North London.
See you at Brixton,Cristina!
Getting very excited now.

1st Oct 2006, 17:02

clara says:

Can't believe it's getting so close.It seemed such a looong time coming-and now it's here.

1st Oct 2006, 17:17

char(planet_of_char-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

wish i was a boy so i could copy the hair! Gonna bag me a nice lookalike on thursday at brum, hehe Xx

3rd Oct 2006, 17:28

blue says:

hat means money ,free hats

4th Oct 2006, 15:46

blue says:

PS is that the empire i spy

4th Oct 2006, 15:47