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Sushi bar finally opens in Norwich!

It's just round the corner from my office, and I suspect I'll be there for lunch A LOT.
9th Aug 2004, 13:51   | tags:,

Rich says:

Oooh, that's a new source of Sushi. Where from?

9th Aug 2004, 13:52

mat says:

Tombland, just next to Cafe Uno. On the corner of the cobbledy bit that's almost, but not quite, Elm Hill. Reasonable prices and stuff too.

It's REALLY nice. Beats the pants of that nasty pre-prepared Waitrose stuff - there's a japanese guy with some sharp-ass knives who chops stuff right in front of you. You know it's fresh when you see it being made...

9th Aug 2004, 13:55

Rich says:

Iiiiiii know. Heyyyyy, guess I'll be having some of that as well... Never had waitrose stuff, been M&S; all the way for my raw fish needs up til now.

9th Aug 2004, 14:22

tillymint says:



Lucky you.

9th Aug 2004, 14:28

jiva says:

YAY! well you can meet munkt0n and I from there, it's right inbetween all 3 of our offices, give us a shout when you're heading out some day

10th Aug 2004, 09:40

RIch says:

Cool - Well, i'll probably be making a whistlestop visit btwn 1- 1.30, so if we all happen to be in the area, that'll be nice. but, ye know...

10th Aug 2004, 10:15

jiva says:

well message us on arthur if possible.... then we can all have a nice lunch out some day, hopefully when the weather improves

10th Aug 2004, 10:18

Rich says:

Yeah, I really should sit down and have a go at getting to know arthur.... It's all a bit large and daunting, though. (I know it's not really, I'm just lazy)

10th Aug 2004, 10:22

ookiine says:


10th Aug 2004, 21:39

Amber says:

Why is it that whenever I have a sushi craving, someone posts pictures of it?

Gahhhhhhhh, going NUTS. No sushi for me until at *least* the weekend.


16th Aug 2004, 18:27

kozika says:

Japanese sushi is delicious to the highest.^^v

5th Sep 2004, 22:09

The Dude says:

*Wants sushi*

8th Jun 2008, 17:42