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1. View from my desk last monday
2. View from my desk last tuesday - different office
3. View from my desk last wednesday - better, but would prefer some sky
10th Oct 2006, 08:22  

poppet says:

Is that the young person you work with?

10th Oct 2006, 08:57

paintist says:

You work with Captain Jack !!!!!!

10th Oct 2006, 08:59

FilbertFox says:

Yes Lady Paintist i does

10th Oct 2006, 09:04

OJ says:

They took your window away. B****rds

10th Oct 2006, 11:37

FilbertFox says:

not quite OJ. they left the window and took us away!

10th Oct 2006, 11:54

OJ says:

*ssh* that doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

10th Oct 2006, 12:09

Spiderbaby says:

I like the way you 'improve' your environment by papering over poor FC with your Captain Jack :D

11th Oct 2006, 13:56

ouch says:

The chimneys near the Dental Hospital, Leeds?

I was in the Queen Victoria and Commercial Hotel (or whatever it is) for a pint of Landlord just the other week (then the Pack Horse, then the excellent Adelphi).

Went to school near here, St Michaels which is no more, and my teeth are straight because of this dental establishment. I had a dentist called Dr Sugar, brilliant except when he nearly broke my left little finger (hydraulic chair, poorly placed sink, long story)

On another occasion I was anaestehetised by a student who got it all wrong and the last thing i heard as I went under was the consultant shouting "NOooooooo!!" in a panic and leaping round the table. But as I say, my teeth are straight :)

Of course it could be any City, after all they are just chimneys...

13th Oct 2006, 19:36

FilbertFox says:

well done Ouch! That was taken from the 10th floor of that very building, i am now located on the 9th floor at the other side of the building

15th Oct 2006, 00:54

ouch says:

I walked past the chimnneys every night on my way home from school (until 1985) into town to the "Red Bus Station", which is no more, to catch the number 36 up Harrogate Road.

Then there there was always the green bus station, slower buses, more entertainment (Notre Dame, also closed I think).

The episode with Dr Sugar was actually in the old dental hospital which was the sort of place where you expected anaesthetic to be a piece of dry bread to bite down hard on...

That was when the buildings were all black. I came back from University a few years later and they had cleaned them all, moved the Playhouse, closed the smokey, steamy cafe on the Headrow and banned shops that sold raw food from the city centre.

However, apart from the traffic, especially in Headingly, Ouch family HQ having moved fom Alwoodley to Bramhope, Leeds is an excellent city and a great night out. I live in rural Hants and love it too but miss the cultural buzz of a city at times.

15th Oct 2006, 10:42

shaaaaark says:

The Red Bus Station! Cor, that is a blast from't past.

When I'm back in Leeds now, I get the 36 up to Moortown Corner and walk (rather than the 2/12 to Street Lane) simply because there's not any riff-raff on the 36. A clean and comfortable bus with no vagrants, no youths with loudspeakers on their telephones, and an upper deck that doesn't stink of piss.

I'm surprised it's not caught on with other bus operators.

17th Dec 2006, 13:44