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IOW&Brixton Pics

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I told some girls at Brixton last week that i'd FINALLY get round to posting my Isle of Wight pics of Paul on here, so here they are! (*hello!* sorry i don't remember your names but you were wicked!)
Also here are the pics of me and my friend Kara with the lovely Paul & Tom before the Brixton gig. Thankyou so much guys for taking the time so say hello, it meant so much to us, we cant thank you enough.
And thankyou for a kick-ass gig!!! Totally rocked my socks, as usual.
Roll on the next album & tour!!! Wooo!
Big love, Steph xoxox
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by anonymous
13th Oct 2006, 02:13  

Bound says:

Hey, it's you! NUT-HUGGERS!!!!

13th Oct 2006, 08:32

clara says:

That sounds suspiciously like Bound.
Thanks for these gorgeous, gorgeous photos.What a great day/night that was!

13th Oct 2006, 09:22

clara says:

It's brightened up my Friday 13th,seeing those.

13th Oct 2006, 09:24

Natz says:

Hey great pics!! Nice meeting you guys too! hope you had a great night x

13th Oct 2006, 11:13

outofvision says:

the first two pics.. hmmmmmmmmmmm.
i remember you! i stood right next to when the paul pic was taken! woohoo. one week ago.. i'm getting all nostalgic. [not that i'm thinking about 24/7 or something, nooo.]

13th Oct 2006, 12:49

Steph says:

LOL "Nut-huggers!!!" hahahha.
Hey Natz, yep we had an amazing night thanks!! and glad it brighten your day Clara! :-)
Awww a week today! Can't wait for next time!
When did the BBC people say it would be on TV? Not for a while?

13th Oct 2006, 15:07

clara says:

Culture Show will be on Sats in November,they said(BBC2).
I remember your faces,Steph and Kara,but I don't think we spoke.

13th Oct 2006, 15:37

uptheboro says:

ah man sorry to keep saying it but those white trousers are truely great.

13th Oct 2006, 17:09

clara says:

They've put Maximo on the rock and roll map,that's certain.

13th Oct 2006, 17:47

Kara says:

Hiya guys, its Kara! It was nice to hang around with you lovely Maximo fans outside! It was so awesome that we got to meet Paul and Tom...I love the fact that theyre so approachable and such lovely people aside from being the talented and awwwweeesome band they are!! Thanks guys, it really made my day(/week/month/year lol) to meet you.

I have some photos and videos from the gigs. (btw I am 'ducky' on the forum) that's one of my videos. I will try to put more up on here soon!


Steph...the IOW pics are awesome. Do I dare to put some of Jens up here LMAO!! she might sue me or something.

13th Oct 2006, 18:11

Bound says:

Do you know what the funny thing about last Friday was? Normally when you imagine some event, what actually happens and what you hope to happen are not the same thing...suffice to say everything about last weekend was perfect, and exactly as I imagined it would be. Apart from the part where I imagined Paul and I eloping together after the show... Stupid reality. :) I just cannot wait to see them again. Absolutely frikkin' awesome.

13th Oct 2006, 19:31

Kara says:

Me and Steph said exactly the same thing. Last Friday was absolute perfection. We were wondering when something was going to go wrong!!! nothing did. (well I had a migraine when I got back, but that really didnt matter after such a perfect day, lol).

Amazing day, btw....are you the girl with the blonde hair (vague I know, haha)

13th Oct 2006, 20:11

Bound says:

The REALLY blonde hair, yes. The one attached to Paul's hand for an embarassingly long period of time... :) I met so many lovely people, including yerself (duh) last friday. It's a testament to how awesome the park are that all the fans I met tended to be on the awesome side too. :)

13th Oct 2006, 20:15

Kara says:

cooolies! You were the one who did the very good interview? :D You had loads to say... :)

Yep...everyone was so nice!!

Ive got a link to my fave vid I took on Friday...I cant post it here apparently, so I will put it in the forum. :}

13th Oct 2006, 20:37

flowerpetal says:

Is the Culture Show going to feature the Park's gig at Brixton? Won't it be a bit late by then?

13th Oct 2006, 22:12

clara says:

Don't know what will be on the Culture Show-possibly just the interviews and a clip of the Brixton show.They were filming a DVD of the show itself.When I asked the crew they said it would be on BBC2 in November on Sats.

14th Oct 2006, 10:49

clara says:

Although I'm keeping an eye on the current series.There's one on tonight at 7.25pm BBC2 which I'll tape,just in case.But the crew did say November.

14th Oct 2006, 10:57

Bound says:

I can't wait to see me on it! Yay! Me!

14th Oct 2006, 11:23

outofvision says:

yay! you! i hope they don't cut the part about the white trousers, was the best bit :P

14th Oct 2006, 14:19

Steph says:

^Yeah they better not cut that bit out! Hysterical!!!
And I agree, all Maximo fans are the nicest people, was so great to meet you all, and hopefully meet you again next time! :-)

14th Oct 2006, 15:36

clara says:

The white trousers will go down in history,I feel.

14th Oct 2006, 15:43

outofvision says:

by the way, i agree on the maximo-fan-love :D if you get the picture. never met so many nice people at a concert!

14th Oct 2006, 16:00

clara says:

I totally agree with that.

14th Oct 2006, 16:39

flowerpetal says:

Ohhhhhh, I'll keep an eye out for it on BBC2.

And what another maximo Park DVD in the near future?!

15th Oct 2006, 15:14

clara says:

Don't know when it'll be released,hopefully asap.

15th Oct 2006, 16:41

heArtbeAt says:

Tom is such a cutie.

15th Oct 2006, 18:29

clara says:

I'm eagerly awaiting a new Diary entry.Anyone else agree?

15th Oct 2006, 20:28

clara says:

Just looked at those photos again.The fifth one down's great-Paul's got a wicked smile in it!

15th Oct 2006, 20:32

uptheboro says:

ahhhh -- the white trousers!

15th Oct 2006, 20:41

anonymous says:


20th Oct 2006, 03:34

jon the exodus! says:

loved the gig...and the white trousers!...though i just laughed when the culture show asked me questions about you guys...p.s. i love you vince!

30th Oct 2006, 13:14