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"why would a reviewer make the point of saying someone's *not* a genius? do you especially think i'm *not* a genius? you didn't even have to think about it, did you?"

"monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.”

"i am secretly afraid of animals.... i think it is because of the usness in their eyes, with the underlying not-usness which belies it, and is so tragic a reminder of the lost age when we human beings branched off and left them: left them to eternal inarticulateness and slavery. why? their eyes seem to ask us."

"we've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of shakespeare. thanks to the internet, we now know this is not true..."

african monkey proverb: "the day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery."

"i'll buy a bunch of monkeys, dress them up, and make them re-enact the civil war"

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holbein can bite my ass

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its ellen and me!

hair and makeup by pillow @ bed
drawings by ellen
pouts: models own
19th Oct 2006, 11:38   | tags:,,,

Euphro says:

*bursts out laughing*

19th Oct 2006, 11:40

Sprocket says:

Your portraits rock.

*sticks two fingers up to Holbein!

19th Oct 2006, 11:46

yeah! screw oil paint! biro is where its at!

19th Oct 2006, 12:02

You'll be in the Tate Modern in no time!

19th Oct 2006, 12:54

well they're ellen's drawings. or maybe the photos are the art? hmmmm

19th Oct 2006, 12:55

paintist says:

they musy be tiny tho...if that is lined paper they are drawn on....
have you had post today?

19th Oct 2006, 13:05

yeah, they fit between the lines on the paper. this is another loupe pic.

19th Oct 2006, 13:09

paintist says:


19th Oct 2006, 13:17

Smellen says:

not from the post, I drew them today!

19th Oct 2006, 13:41

Joe says:

these are ace...can I commission one of me please?

19th Oct 2006, 13:42

do you mean the cheque p?

i'm banking it at luch time :)

smellen, you are a fool

19th Oct 2006, 13:42

joe - i'll get smellen on it :)

19th Oct 2006, 13:43

oh, and LOL mandy!

19th Oct 2006, 13:43

dont mean to be a rude but have you posted those negs and the book yet?

why do you have a square head?
it doe slook like you tho :P

19th Oct 2006, 13:48

sorry bmal - i haven't.

i don't actually have much cash at the mo, so it'll have to wait til next friday....

ellen thinks i have a square head - i've asked her not to draw me with a square head in tha past, but she says that i actually have a square head, so she has to - for artistic fidelity.

plus she always forgets that i have a beard...

19th Oct 2006, 13:50

well thats not keeping the artisic fidelity is it if she dont draw the beard!

it ok i just dont want it to be posted and me not get it. can you remember which ones i asked for? i cant really.

19th Oct 2006, 13:52

i can - i have a list:

celestial light
trapped bird
tree + wire
plane + tower
candle for xmas
4 gulls (for mum)
i am legend (book for reading)

19th Oct 2006, 13:53

Smellen says:

I cant help is brother of monkey finger, I just dont see the beard!

19th Oct 2006, 14:06

cool beans! is your website f'd up too?

19th Oct 2006, 14:09

(two secs...)

it is.

(two secs...)

and mum's

(two secs...)

i see toychicken is still going though, and wet floor. the b'stards

19th Oct 2006, 14:10

mum says leigh is working on it now.

19th Oct 2006, 14:10


19th Oct 2006, 14:11

smellen says:

that was cant help it...

19th Oct 2006, 14:14

you cant see it? its just so in your face how can you miss it? :P

19th Oct 2006, 14:23

smellen says:

I am not sure brother of monkey finger, it is a strange phenomenennnnnen. If I do a full body he usually only has long shorts on and his feet face the same direction, not sure what thats about either....

19th Oct 2006, 14:30

maybe you just see him as a child and children wear long shorts and dont have beards? the feet thing i have no idea about. :)

19th Oct 2006, 14:32

Smellen says:

That might be right you know, we act like kids all the time! The feet thing is probably because I cant draw well

19th Oct 2006, 14:44

jle says:

hey don't disregard ALL artists! isn't your mother a painter as well?

love the drawings though, they are adorable!

26th Oct 2006, 11:24