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Name: Joe Oldak
Place: Cambridge, UK

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Parking in Cycle Lanes

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I took these pictures thinking I might be able to report the eejit who parked in the cycle lane just where the path comes of the bridge and joins the road. The car was there for most of Saturday.

...but then I couldn't really think of what to do with the pictures. Other than moblog them. Anyone got any ideas?

Perhaps there should be a "" site somewhere where we can name and shame them all!
22nd Oct 2006, 15:03   | tags:,

Tori says:

Sometimes moblogging the image of somebody who did something to annoy me makes me feel better.

I suspect that walking up to them and just saying "hi" and then reaching out and shoving them over would make me feel even better, but I haven't tried that.

23rd Oct 2006, 08:47

FilbertFox says:

very bad behaviour, should get lots of points on license for doing that

23rd Oct 2006, 09:03

This is one of my pet hates. Blog it. Print it. Send it to the authorities (police and local council). A fellow cyclist made himself some stickers which he attaches to bumpers in cycle lanes: Two Wheeled Access Transgression (the acronym says it all) What is the point of cycle lanes if people are allowed to block them? If you block a road in that manner they're on you within seconds!

23rd Oct 2006, 11:04

failing that a scrape of the pedal down the side of the car, or the end of a handlebar through the side window (make sure you have a friendly witness who can vouch for the fact that you did it while swerving to avoid traffic) Best thing I saw recently was a convertible BMW driven by a bimbo carving up a serious dude in an Ironman Triathlon T shirt - he emptied his water bottle all over her!

23rd Oct 2006, 11:07

catapa(cm-at-fotoinsight-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

It is so mad to park in that spot. I can't imaging that the driver knew what he/she was doing. Maybe someone not familiar with Cambridge who has never seen a cycle lane...?

23rd Oct 2006, 11:44

ignorance of the law is no excuse

23rd Oct 2006, 12:45

I'd also add that if you do go down the criminal damage route (sorry, "accidental") leave them your contact details so they can take you to court over it, if they dare. I know of people who have done this and it's resulted in the carowner being punished for the original offence. smart cycle-friendly lawyer a necessity though

23rd Oct 2006, 12:51

joie says:

Nice idea.

"Sorry I scraped the side of your car with my bike. Perhaps next time you'll leave more space for cyclists when you park illegally in the cycle lane..." :-)

23rd Oct 2006, 12:53

it all depends on location - here in Pembrokeshire I'm a one-man army of the cycling battalion, and as such I'm taken none too seriously be the authorities, not that that stops me, but obviously somewhere like cambridge there are many - start a cyclists' coalition!

23rd Oct 2006, 13:17

joie says:

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign, of which I am a member, does a lot of good stuff in the city. And has a rather splendid website.

(I've added one of these pictures to the photomap here on said site too, for further shaming!)

23rd Oct 2006, 13:20

cool, unity is strength! perhaps they could do the name and shame site?

23rd Oct 2006, 14:20

Paul Jones says:

I saw a car parked in this location a year ago and persuaded the occupant (at length) to move it.

24th Oct 2006, 15:27

Geodyne says:

I didn't even notice that this was Cambridge at first - but that's the bridge over the rail line, isn't it?

You'd really expect better. It does make me wonder whether the council or local constabulary would be interested in seeing the shot...

24th Oct 2006, 15:37

joie says:

It is, the lovely Carter Bridge from Devonshire Road. There's a link in my previous comment to a google-map of it.

The bridge is now much nicer cos they've reglazed it all with fresh clear perspex...

24th Oct 2006, 15:42

hildegard says:

If I were to take a pic of every car I see parked in a cycle lane, my memory card wouldn't take more than a day's worth. I think drivers imagine them to be parking bays...

24th Oct 2006, 16:03

Helen(h-dot-pugh-at-dalby-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

I am SO happy that I am not the only person who gets really riled up about this problem. I cycle to work every day, a total of 4.5miles each way. Most of my route is on busy roads with cycle lanes. Surprise surprise, daily I have to go into the road to get past some stupid 4 x 4 owner parked in the cycle lane.

It is a mega problem as I am quite nervous on the roads as it is with drivers getting so close you are in actual danger of scratching their lovely shiny cars.... May be I should...

16th Nov 2006, 16:03

Rich says:

Totally. If they're going to park like dicks they shouldn't whine when their cars get scraped.

16th Nov 2006, 16:33

Helen(h-dot-pugh-at-dalby-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

I just e mailed my local council, probably won't do anything about it. Definitly thinking of getting a camera and taking time to note when & where and just send a dossier to the police, Think it would work?

16th Nov 2006, 16:43

joie says:

You could try, and good luck if you do! I doubt they would do much though.

See also:

16th Nov 2006, 16:51

stv says:

Isn't that one of them swanky new Renault Bycarcyles?

Move along...nothing to see here.

17th Nov 2006, 16:01

Helen(h-dot-pugh-at-dalby-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

My problem is that in Leicester the large majority of cycle lanes are the broken line variety which supposedly gives drivers the right to park in them if it is unavoidable. They are bound to think it is unavoidable aren't they - too lazy to take more than a few steps from car to door and too tight to invest in a driveway!

20th Nov 2006, 11:48

law abiding motorist says:

I could not help noticing the parked bicycle obstructing the pavement, when clearly it should be in the cycle lane provided. I have rarely read such a load of small minded and malicious comments. I suggest that all you cyclists read and observe the Highway Code too, before taking your life in your hands on the roads. E.g. stopping at red lights and not blithely sailing through thinking 'I am exempt'

2nd Jun 2010, 19:27

joie says:

Erm, that was my bike that I just leant against the post while I was taking the photos :-)

2nd Jun 2010, 23:18

law abiding motorist says:

Well that says it all. One law for us, and none for yourselves.

4th Jun 2010, 20:58

joie says:

It's not illegal to lean a bike against a telegraph pole for two minutes, whereas it is illegal to park in mandatory cycle lanes. Parking the bike in the cycle lane as you suggest would also be illegal.

There's no value in debating the general point of "who is worse, cyclists or motorists" - it's pretty obvious to anyone that there are many examples of both good and bad motorists and cyclists.

I'm both a motorist and a cyclist, and get just as annoyed at inconsiderate cyclists as I do at inconsiderate motorists!

6th Jun 2010, 16:33

law abiding motorist says:

Excellent. It is far better to set a good example than to vilify, which is where this thread went. I just threw in my tuppence worth. I actually found this post by googling cycle lane parking following a recent Cambridge News article. I hope you have better luck finding the shaming site than I did.

8th Jun 2010, 19:22

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