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On the unadjusted/unscaled image, you can resolve multiple objects in Iota Orionis (very bottom of the sword). mmmm, double-binary-goodness. Some of the red 'stars' are hot pixels. Stupid me forgot to get a black reference frame until after coming back inside to the warm, so I had to best-guess the noise reduction. Not that this camera needs much of that. There are quite a few more colours in the less-compressed/bigger version.

Single exposure, 15 sec at f1.4, 50mm Nikkor prime (70mm equiv on DX camera), ISO 400.
27th Oct 2006, 03:19   | tags:,,,

swamprose says:

very very nice. I have spent the last few nights trying the same idea. my lens fogs up so fast that aperture and timing mean nothing. any suggestions? it is freezing, literally, here at night.

27th Oct 2006, 03:25

mat says:

Hmmmm. Not a problem I've come across much. Er. Shoot out of an open window? take a lens cloth with you to dry between shots? run a cable and a hairdryer outside?

One thing I do know - you need either a fast(ish) lens or an (expensive) tracking mount for your camera, otherwise you just end up with a blur - this 15sec shot was pushing it a bit, you can just about see the motion.

27th Oct 2006, 03:35

swamprose nli says:

I would be happy without tracking, just star trails at this point. everything is fine, but the fogging is something I cannot get around, especially as I don't want to risk moving the camera at all during exposure.can't shoot anywhere but outside on the ground to avoid other light sources, and fogging starts at about 10 seconds.

going out for my nightly fog up.I will ask around here for help.orion looks mighty fine in your photo.

27th Oct 2006, 03:52

silar31 says:

Absolutely fabulous pic Mat, I'm looking forward to seeing more astrophotography from you!

swamprose, see the third tip here (clicky) - I wonder if using that technique on the lens will fix your fogging problem?

27th Oct 2006, 04:08

Gael says:

awesome - more please : )

27th Oct 2006, 07:56

paintist says:

great shot mat....
and good tips makes sense... :-)

27th Oct 2006, 17:30

tullis says:

How about letting your camera cool down gradually before taking it outside? I'm not suggesting the fridge, but maybe the window-sill for ten minutes.

30th Oct 2006, 17:34

swamprose says:

exactly, tullis. either heat up the entire outdoors or cool the camera down to ambient temp. am trying it. fogup is not the biggest problem, I am.

30th Oct 2006, 18:07