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"why would a reviewer make the point of saying someone's *not* a genius? do you especially think i'm *not* a genius? you didn't even have to think about it, did you?"

"monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.”

"i am secretly afraid of animals.... i think it is because of the usness in their eyes, with the underlying not-usness which belies it, and is so tragic a reminder of the lost age when we human beings branched off and left them: left them to eternal inarticulateness and slavery. why? their eyes seem to ask us."

"we've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of shakespeare. thanks to the internet, we now know this is not true..."

african monkey proverb: "the day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery."

"i'll buy a bunch of monkeys, dress them up, and make them re-enact the civil war"

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here is a selection of my found photo collection.

some i bought, some i found myself, and a couple were given to me.

i love 'em.
27th Oct 2006, 08:25   | tags:,,,

Love the old guy sitting on the stump with his pipe.

Are the bottom 3 all the same dog? The bottom 2 obviously are but is the puppy with the guy sitting down the same?

27th Oct 2006, 09:00

i'm not sure, findo. i bought those three (plus about 20 others) at an antiques fair in swinderby, and just about every picture has a dog in it, so i think whomever's collection it was just had a lot of friends with dogs.

27th Oct 2006, 09:07

or just went round asking people if she could foto their dogs! ? love the big man with the tiny pup!

27th Oct 2006, 09:18

yeah, ilike that one too. unfortunately, because my phone is pants, i'm not able to show in the detail i'd like, but there you go.

i forgot to mention that the third pic is my most favourite of all my pictures. i wrote 4000 words of my dissertation on that photo!

27th Oct 2006, 09:21

jle says:

is the second one of you and bmal?

27th Oct 2006, 16:54

silar31 says:

I love that top one. When Bandit is feeling better, I'll try to get a similar photo of him - he loves to take the caps off of soda/fruit bottles. He's a mad dachshund, but we love him :-)

27th Oct 2006, 17:43

MaggieD says:

I agree with Silar ... I really like that top shot .... would be interested to know what the theme for your dissertation was ...

27th Oct 2006, 17:53

factotum says:

I really enjoyed looking at these! Like MaggieD,, I'm interested in your dissertation and what you had to say about your favourite photo. Do you know those two young men?

27th Oct 2006, 21:13

swamprose says:

exactly.As if I don't have enough photos, I started buying old ones at garage sales this summer. I like to imagine what the story is behind the photos. Nice collection.

28th Oct 2006, 15:14

silar - that photo is one of my favourites too. mainly because its truly 'found', in that it was in the gutter on my street. a lot of the others in my collection were bought.

maggie, factotum - i don't know who these people are, but when i bought the photo in new york, i just fell in love with it.

basically, my dissertation was about whether appropriated or found images could be considered art. my basic premise from the beginning was 'not really', and i then set out to prove myself wrong. which i did in the first half. the second half was then an investigation into the probable history behind 'my' photo, and whether or not it in itself could be art. it was basically 4000 words trying to imagine why these two men came to be on a beach together. it must have been pretty convincing, because the university put it in the library's photography section

30th Oct 2006, 11:51

MaggieD says:

Thanks for explaining ... I must say I would take great delight in imaging the story behind the 'found' image .... definitely an 'art' in itself .... and congrats on having it placed in the Uni Library ....

30th Oct 2006, 23:12

Uber Spy says:

That 3rd photo down reminds me of pics I've seen of my Dad from the 50's, in his life-saving days. I love the 2nd last & last photo. The way that women is standing looks like that hound should be on a podium. Very amusing :)

6th Nov 2006, 09:47