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No longer in SW london. Still living with DD and Twiglet.

Surrounded by parrots.

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Gael says:

A real stairway to heaven : )
We saw some funghi on our walk today, but nothing as striking as these.
And welcome to Moblog - it's catching : )
*strolls off humming It's a family affair*

29th Oct 2006, 16:36

paintist says:

a tidal wave of toadstools....lovely :-)

29th Oct 2006, 16:38

I thought this would make a good pic. To tell the truth I find funghi a bit creepy but this afternoons foray has started to open my eyes to thier potential beauty.

Thanks for the nice welcome.

29th Oct 2006, 17:55

MaggieD says:

There have been some lovely pics of fungi on the blog just recently, Viv's especilly .... I must say it has opened my eyes as well ..... love the stairway effect here ....

29th Oct 2006, 18:04

jazz says:

lovely one - nice to meet you

29th Oct 2006, 18:33

Ta Maggie

Likewise Jazz

29th Oct 2006, 19:39

Dhamaka says:

oh, wow - gorgeous!

29th Oct 2006, 20:28

Spiderbaby says:

Oh these are nice :) I know what you mean about fungi being weird though - to think most of the year they're undergound or inside the wood or wherever, but you don't know they're there till all the mad stuff emerges. And that they're mostly made of the same stuff that insect exoskeletons are made of. Freaky and beautiful.

29th Oct 2006, 20:47

Thanks Dhamaka, I think it's the phone that does it.

Spiderbaby, it's the way that they are not really a plant and not quite an animal. Check out slime moulds they are the creepiest of the lot.

29th Oct 2006, 21:02

Dhamaka says:

BS - you only have to look around to see that's not completely true..

29th Oct 2006, 21:27

Spiderbaby says:

I vaguely remember a biology practical on slime moulds. They live their own single-celled individual lives for so long and then they all group together to form a 'slug' that wanders off to do something else. Will definitely have to look them up again :)

29th Oct 2006, 23:51

swamprose says:

we were badly needing a spaceman, so thank goodness you have arrived. Welcome.

I like your photos.

fungi always make me happy. I love spiderbaby's vision of creeping slime. could be happening right now in my kitchen.

30th Oct 2006, 00:01

silar31 says:

Welcome to moblogging BS! This is a lovely pic, quite otherworldy, which is so appropriate to your nickname :-)

30th Oct 2006, 05:39

Viv says:

great - if you tag it fungus, fungi, then it comes up in the more general search

30th Oct 2006, 17:38

Thanks for the tip Viv I will adjust accordingly.

silar31 thanks for the welcome

30th Oct 2006, 18:35

Viv says:

Euphro blogged a slime mould once

30th Oct 2006, 20:14