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[Voice: Yoda]

My home this is. Yes. From England originally I may be, now however Japan my home has become. Mmmm. Return I will, yes, yes, someday return. Now, photographs to share with you I wish. For workers it is time to blog as well, ungh?


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A strange "rubber" table

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Took this picture in the "Cabbages & Condoms" Thai restaurant in Kyoto. The original in Thailand was set up as a way to promote contraceptives, remove the stigma attached to them, and make them as easy to buy as cabbages...allegedly. Other than the strange table, and the equally strange pictures on the wall (of which I didn't take a picture alas), the food was pretty good!I guess they have these restaurants in other countries too?
31st Oct 2006, 00:21  


Cool.. I want one for home....

31st Oct 2006, 00:33

archer says:

So, that's pretty much the weirdest thing ever.

31st Oct 2006, 10:45

crickson says:

They should have made balloon animals with them.

31st Oct 2006, 10:51

joie says:

Err, I've never seen such a place in Cambridge :-)

31st Oct 2006, 16:37

so was the table all movey-about-ey? with all that rubber supporting it?

31st Oct 2006, 17:03

waps77 says:

I didn't notice if the table was all movey-about-ey. Alas, we were sitting on the table next to it, which was one of the (more) normal tables.

The restaurant also had some great souveneirs on sale, such as a glass paperweight with a condom set inside it. And I guess you can guess what they had by the counter instead of the normal after dinner mints (as a clue, something not edible, but potentially flavoured...errrr...)

1st Nov 2006, 08:40

paintist says:

hmmm...this just came up on random....very interesting table....great place for that first date lull in conversation......:-)

17th Jan 2007, 10:54