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hildegard says:

Couldn't bear the pics I took of him when he was really ill & ditched them quick in case they turned out to be the last ones. Anyway, I didn't want to be the first person censured for posting pro-cat-ana images. ;)

7th Nov 2006, 05:46

silar31 says:

GO Arnold! Keep up the eating little guy (But not to where you look like the cat Joker posted) :-)

7th Nov 2006, 06:34

paintist says:

skinny arnold, soon to be sleek arnold, svelte arnold,:-) glad that he is responding to his treatment...

7th Nov 2006, 08:23

Euphro says:

That's a great character shot. Glad to hear that he is getting better :)

7th Nov 2006, 08:43

Dhamaka says:

that's good to hear

7th Nov 2006, 22:29

hildegard says:

Vet tomorrow, so we find out if he really is getting better or if I'm up to my eyebrows in denial.. :)

7th Nov 2006, 23:19

Caine says:

Yay! Good for Arnold. *fingers and toes still crossed - keep getting better, A.*

8th Nov 2006, 02:57

Tori says:

Good luck at the vet to both of you!

My Xander gets so nervous when he has to go to the vet, that his poor little paws actually sweat. He leaves little damp paw prints. It is pathetic to behold.

8th Nov 2006, 07:55

SaharaSB says:

hey arnold ! you keep eating for ya mumma...

8th Nov 2006, 16:24

Looking good Arnold

8th Nov 2006, 16:53

HelgaGPataki says: sweet :-)
Glad he is getting better!

8th Nov 2006, 20:12

farmboyphil says:

woof,woof,woof,woof,woof,woof, woof,woof,woof....... woof!
Don't know what that means but Midge made me post it...

8th Nov 2006, 22:22

hildegard says:

Arnold stable, pulse lower, but not as much as vet would like so meds increased & another checkup in a fortnight...

11th Nov 2006, 02:59

paintist says:

sorry to see in your most recent post that Arnold is not so well at the moment....a tense time for you...

17th Nov 2006, 18:52

hildegard says:

Sorry M & P - hadn't seen your comments. He's very ill but the vet assures me he's in no pain. It may be a reaction to his meds, but the most likely scenario is an underlying liver condition, exacerbated by the Felimazole. A liver complaint as well as HT would explain why he crashed rather than faded when he first got ill. His liver is palpable, which no cat's liver ought to be.
Taking him off the meds has helped enormously in terms of his comfort, appetite, etc, but his thyroid levels will soon begin to creep up. He is too weak for surgery so we can't just whip out the thyroid & treat the liver & the vet holds out very little chance for the liver in any case.
There is always the possibility that the miraculous feline capacity for self-healing will come into play but with both conditions at once, his chances are very, very poor. I think it's going to have to be Thursday. Awful, just typing that makes me blub...

21st Nov 2006, 21:20

Tori says:


21st Nov 2006, 21:24

paintist says:

everyone who has gone through this with a beloved pet knows the terrible emotions you are feeling..I am so sorry

22nd Nov 2006, 09:44

hildegard says:

The cat known as Arnold or Arnie, or Arnodolphus Pussycattus, Best Cat In The World, was helped to die gently and before pain and distress could possess him. The vet came to our home & Arnie died in his own bed, yesterday, Thursday, Nov 23..

24th Nov 2006, 10:41

paintist says:

so sorry Hildegard, I am glad he passed away in his own bed, so much comfort and love there....

24th Nov 2006, 10:42

lou says:

oh hildegard, i'm so sorry for you and your little puddy. Arnold obviously had an extremely loving home. i'm crying with you here, i know how i would feel if it was daisy or tokki. you ok? the memories will be with you forever.
big hugs x x x

24th Nov 2006, 13:00