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reindeer in the shopping centre!

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they shat everywhere
20th Nov 2006, 14:31   | tags:,,,

paintist says:

poor flippin animals....thats just stupid... :-(

20th Nov 2006, 14:32

Joe says:

My sentiments exactly P.

20th Nov 2006, 14:33

yeah they didn't look like they were having a very good time. hence the shit everywhere.

they were being fed none-stop though.

20th Nov 2006, 15:07

hildegard says:

AFAIK, there's only one supplier of live reindeer in the UK & would like to reassure folks that these are happy reindeer. No-one would take a resentful animal with big horns into a public place, after all. :)
If I'm right, they live the rest of the year in the Cairngorms they are free-ranging but come when called & are hand-fed daily, often by quite large groups of people. They also spend time in pens near the visitor centre if they're recovering from injury, having a difficult pregnancy, etc... these are some of the most pro-social reindeer on the planet. They start travelling in a small way as young adults & by the time they're doing shopping centres & panto they're old hands. There's a large enough herd that those who don't take to it don't go travelling. Reindeer are far more domesticated than UK deer species in any case...
You can visit the herd if you're ever near Fort William & check out their travelling arrangements etc; the owners are very open about how they do things; nobody wants to be accused of abusing Rudloph, after all... ;)
Hope this restores the magic of xmas somewhat... ;)

20th Nov 2006, 15:14

blimey hildegard, thats some christmas knowledge you have :)

its good to know that they're not being mistreated :)

20th Nov 2006, 15:16

hildegard says:

Ooer, sorry, did go on a bit... I was just so relieved when I found out how they really are treated. Tend to assume everyone else wants same level of detail. :)

20th Nov 2006, 15:19

OJ says:

I love the angle of this shot. It's like a whodunnit (with reindeer).

20th Nov 2006, 15:23

like a lifesize game of cluedo - it was father christmas, in the reindeer pen, with erm, the antlers!

20th Nov 2006, 17:23

the little kid, in the grotto, with the reindeer poo...

20th Nov 2006, 17:28