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People still ask me why do I laugh by myself everyday when I pass by this paint store which is just next to my school. Lukas is a paint brand we use on silk fabric.

Plus a pic with the original subject last friday in Barcelona :)


posted by meimipop
23rd Nov 2006, 08:38  

meimipop says:

argh I hate how moblog kills the format of my emails, sigh.

23rd Nov 2006, 08:39

clara says:

That's funny!And I see the name Duncan above.Nice pic of you and Lukas too-thanks.

23rd Nov 2006, 09:18

char says:

Duncan, Lukas, Hornos...nuff said. Except I want your glasses girly! Xx

23rd Nov 2006, 10:38

char says:

Ok, one last thing about Lukas...look at the presentation! So well dressed! Xx

23rd Nov 2006, 10:38

meimipop says:

actually char I'm the one on the left, you want Irene's glasses :P

23rd Nov 2006, 11:07

spastica says:

that's about right, Prada glasses > lots of things in the world.

23rd Nov 2006, 13:32

outofvision says:

haha, yay lukas and duncan!
and lukas looks so sweet on the pic!

23rd Nov 2006, 13:51

clara says:

(Spastica?)Unusual name.
Are you and Irene related,Meimipop?

23rd Nov 2006, 14:31

spastica says:

why is it unsual?
1 convulsive, spasmodic, spastic
affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm"

& it is also the name of an Elastica song "Elastic Spastia", which was the bside for the "Connection" single!

Anyway, not we're not related.

23rd Nov 2006, 15:33

spastica says:

omg I'm the typo queen.
*"Elastica Spastica"

23rd Nov 2006, 15:33

clara says:

Hmm,so Irene and Spastica are one and the same person,I take it!

23rd Nov 2006, 16:56

spastica says:

yes, that's right.
why were you asking if we were related?

23rd Nov 2006, 17:40

clara says:

I just thought you bore a slight resemblance to one another.

23rd Nov 2006, 18:40

heArtbeAt says:

Ha Duncan & Lukas! ^^ Funny how the store's in Barcelona and it's saying in french what kind of store it is...

Anyway, cute pic/polaroid! :]

23rd Nov 2006, 19:51

clara says:

Maybe it's French-speaking in that part of Spain?Scuse my ignorance.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:22

Converse says:

In Barcelona? I doubt it.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:25

clara says:

Haha,I had my doubts really.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:27

spastica says:

no! not at all. I mean, I don't think that's even the sign of the store, but the paint brand's.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:36

clara says:

May be a French brand then?

23rd Nov 2006, 20:42

meimipop says:

yes that's just the brand name, even though I believe it's a german brand.

Haha clara, we speak catalan here.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:47

clara says:

Oops,my mistake Meimi-I didn't really think it was French-speaking.I've not been to Spain.What is the difference between the North and the South?
Is the weather different?

23rd Nov 2006, 20:57

clara says:

Sorry,I'm not a very well-travelled person.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:59

meimipop says:

mmm we're in Catalonia which has nothing to do with the rest of Spain (we used to be independent until some crazy king decided to marry a spanish queen), so it's different language, culture, etc. It's similar to the situation Quèbec-Canada or even in Northern Ireland.

23rd Nov 2006, 21:04

clara says:

Interesting.Is the climate different in the North to the South?Is it as hot?

23rd Nov 2006, 21:36

meimipop says:

not as hot as the south, but hot anyway for you english people I guess XD

23rd Nov 2006, 21:57

clara says:

Is it mountainous?

24th Nov 2006, 09:36

anonymous says:

well, it has the catalan part of the Pyrenees so yeah, but it also has a lower seaside.

24th Nov 2006, 09:45

spastica says:

er, that was me

24th Nov 2006, 09:46

clara says:

Sounds an interesting place.

24th Nov 2006, 16:09