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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

But they are not the only ones, as this Maximoblog is open to you!

Anyone who wants to send in a photo, whatever they feel relevant, we would love to see. The more the merrier, the more creative the better.

Get involved!

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Barcelona loves Tom English!

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"Who needs romantic when you've got tetris?!"17/11/2006Irene

posted by anonymous

25th Nov 2006, 17:50  

meimipop says:

I'm in love with this pic.

...and I still think Tom looks like Niles Crane (who btw is my favourite character of the show)

25th Nov 2006, 17:59

Bound says:

Oh, my God, yes! I've never thought of that before! Great pic. Look at 'im. Daddy cool.

25th Nov 2006, 18:16

char says:

What a legend! Drummers are underrated. And yeah he really does look like Niles. Cool pic! Xx

25th Nov 2006, 19:04

clara says:

Yes I agree,he does look like him!
Good photo.

25th Nov 2006, 20:23

ducky says:

I love it! That is so cute!

27th Nov 2006, 18:56

heArtbeAt says:

He looks a bit like him indeed. Tom's much better looking tho.

4th Dec 2006, 19:34

Sam says:

I dont think tom looks like niles!!

i do like this pic though

7th Dec 2006, 20:23