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Greenpeace is committed to exposing environmental problems with creative and non-violent direct action.

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Letter of the law

babarji says:

who on earth do we imagine we would ever nuke? and if we did what do we imagine would be the consequences? Surely what is good for teh goose is good for the gander - if we have nukes then others will want them too. War does not create peace - and threat of war does not create peace.

27th Nov 2006, 11:52

Sensible says:

In 1944, who would have thought that we would be friends with the Germans? So much happens in history in such a short space of time, we cannot be assured that we would never be attacked or threatened by a country that has nuclear weapons.

If we do not have them, how would we defend ourselves? At least by having them, every potential threat knows we can return equal damage - our small country which is resource rich could be targeted in any number of years from now as the world is an unpredictable place.

I sleep at night knowing that the fact we can dish out an equal dose of displeasure means that we are probably unlikely to be attacked or invaded - as has been the case EVER since we have had our nukes - they keep us safe, like a guard dog in the kitchen at night - there if you need it.

1st Dec 2006, 20:50

Alfie says:

you sleep at night by thinking "probably unlikely"? Must be easy for you to get to sleep then. This is not about a guard dog in the kitchen, this is about a new arms race; these are new nukes they want to build, whatever happened to non-proliferation?

1st Dec 2006, 21:19

greenpeace says:

we've had nukes since the 1940s, but my rusty history tells me we haven't been invaded since 1066. attacked, yes but nuclear weapons did bugger all to prevent the London bombings last year or even 9/11.


8th Dec 2006, 18:27

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