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Greenpeace is committed to exposing environmental problems with creative and non-violent direct action.

Previous events:
Orang-utans swing into action to stop Dove destroying rainforests for palm oil
Flashmob at Heathrow's Terminal 5
King coal at Kingsnorth
Trident: We Don't Buy It
Weapons inspectors are shut out of Aldermaston
All the fun of the Square with iCount
Closing Didcot power station
Ban illegal timber at Admiralty Arch

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anita roddick talks about why she's here

L Hoppstubbe M says:

what is she on about?
Why do we need to know about John?
So what if her husband is there!

Looks quiet - we wanna hear about the inspecting - well done those who did inspect.

27th Nov 2006, 19:10

L Hoppstubbe M says:

firstly inspecting is not campaigning - Hans Blix did not attempt to protest about Iraq's weapons he went to check out if there were any or where they were.

Lets not be to confused about what the core purpose for being somewhere is. It was to inspect and highlight what has, is happening in a place.

Professionals weapons inspectors are too in role to be outraged - really they are.

27th Nov 2006, 19:13

jennyb says:

hold on mate - good on her is what I say - we need all the support we can get. No need to get bitter even if you are a bit tired. We only have about about 3 months to get a vote going our way - so no time for petty oneupmanship - that is the way the other side always wins. Keep your eye on the main prize

27th Nov 2006, 20:07

Mmmmmmmmm says:

Orion laser - £25b

Anita Roddick - £150m

A bunch of idiots with nothing better to do with their lives - priceless

1st Dec 2006, 20:54

Imogen says:

Im in the background ... how exciting ...

It was a shame they didnt include any real information about the day or why people had come out though ...

18th Dec 2006, 22:40

greenpeace says:

Is that you in the orange waterproof? ;)

For those who want more info, we currently have some in our profile (eyes left!) or read the story on the Greenpeace website.


2nd Jan 2007, 13:13

hildegard says:

No ta.
You seem to be vanishing up your own fundament. Your campaigns used to be effective. Now they just seem like charabanc outings for the self-obsessed bourgeois. - Unfashionable word, maybe, but these days you're only preaching to the choir & that choir is predominantly middle class.
Time for a new campaign director - the objective isn't getting your faces known, it's changing other people's minds.
Look at the state of the whaling ban - you can't even keep hold of the advances you've made.
Not even the French consider you lot a threat anymore.
Go away & think about your priorities - we get enough gestural crap from our politicians.

2nd Jan 2007, 15:37

keirly says:

do somyhing with your lives im not joking get a life

2nd Feb 2007, 11:45

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