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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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The more I see the less I believe...

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Imagine this scenario...

Bloke dies - radiation poisoning in suspicious
circumstances 100's possibly 1000s are affected. Areas
cordoned,some planes halted. Internally they go for 'Gold
command' - the highest level for any threat to 'national
security' but keep this hushed up.

However no airports are closed and most flights continue
pretty much. Russian Embassy is not closed and russian
houses are not raided, churches stormed etc.

When is a state of emergency not a state of emergency?
Can you put a number on it?

12 locations maybe
33,000 BA passengers
221 flights
5,500 enquries on NHS Direct helpline

When is a public health scare not a public health scare?

Now if I think of August's events - the paranoia that was
hyped up, da raids and arrests up and down da country
and how disportionate it all seemed from da evidence that
was put in front of us so far gets me fuming

Peeps who are my friends and who I work with are
directly affected. Their names dragged through da mud and
their families humiliated. I am still under constant surveillance.

For what?

g says:

its very odd. why would russia kill one of its own dissidents in london with radioactive material ?

the front page of time magazine this week has 'the chill in russia - a crackdown on hard won freedoms is producing a new generation of dissidents'

and they've got a 6 page special inside. no investigation and no evidence connecting this directly with russia yet fingers are wagging in putin's direction surely damaging russian relations around the world no end.

30th Nov 2006, 21:45

DocD says:

Replace polonium-210 with ricin or fertiliser feed. Now what is da most dangerous?

30th Nov 2006, 22:05

hildegard says:

Well, it is a good deal harder to come by than sacks of fertiliser or castor oil seed...

30th Nov 2006, 22:21

I don't know, and it must be desperately hard on your guys.

I'm not condoning the way this is being managed but let me put it this way:

if you're not sure what's happening and if, by the time you find out there is little or no harm of any more people getting hurt (certain digital clocks emit radiation, but not enough to harm anyone), what is the point of shutting the airports?

Now let's look at potential investigations. I'm not in that world and never have been, but used to work in a similar environment. This seems like an old fashioned espionage scenario. Irrespective of who may or may not have done it, it's like the old fashioned iron curtain stuff. If the UK spy-guys (and whoever else is joining in) want to catch the poisoner(s) they can't be open about it - information given to the British public is automatically given to the bad guys too.

Now let's look at what happens with radiation poisoning. My understanding is that unless you get heavy treatment really quickly - within hours and not days, and we're talking industrial type washes if the outside of a person has been contaminated and transfusions if it's internal - there's not a lot that can be done. But this scenario seems unlikely.

Since nobody else seems to be in hospital anywhere with similar symptoms or even radiation burns this it seems that it's more likely that people have been either mildy or negilbly exposed and hurt.

So they are unlikely to be at immediate risk and probably are not at risk at all. But the government can't say that - it sounds callous and uncaring. So they pay lip service.

I'm not making excuses. You'd think they'd have learned from the way they treated victims of the tsunami, but they haven't. I heard that NHS direct wasn't notified of the press release about this even though people were told to call - that stinks. I heard that they weren't taking names and at first I thought that was bad too, but then I heard that British Airways is getting in contact with every single person which means that there may be coordination and thought of which we and the media are unaware.

So do we catch the bad guys and wait until we know whether there is any chance of people suffering or do we announce worst-case hypotheses, give away so much information that the bad guys know what we know and what we're doing and let everyone panic even more?

Cordoned areas are more likely to be for forensic work than radiation poisoning. You don't catch radiation like you do germs and you can remove radioactive stuff.

Gold command is the name given to the way that the emergency services provision manage a response team rather than a high security thing - I worked in this area before I became a writer and know this for sure. Sadly most journalists don't.

A public health scare isn't the same thing as a public health problem. One needs immediate reaction and the other doesn't.

A state of emergency is a state of emergency when it is one - not when press or private individuals think so.

The inequity of treatment between different people is wrong, but I've tried to explain here why I think that, however much you and your people (and some of my friends) hurt because of what else is going on, this particular comparison may be unfair

That was long :D /Rant over.

30th Nov 2006, 23:36

DocD says:

Get what you're sayin' D. But I think da comparison still stands. Difference is Russia is a sovereign nation and there are economic and political sensitivities at stake. At least facts have emerged with this incident - four months after the summer 'terrorist plot' we are none the wiser and yet the state sanctioned hysteria still lingers on.

5th Dec 2006, 17:52

I think that a comparison here is to some degree legitimate. If only because it highlights the way that two different sections of a community are dealt with. I agree D that letting to much information out about current investigations is dangerous, especially if you think that the 'bad' guys are still a current threat. Surely this should apply in all cases. It seems that DocD's point, that Russia is being treated with kid gloves, while the Islamic world is being hectored remains.

I think this case should be more worrying. Despite the lack of evidence, the current political situation in Russia does point toward Putins involvement. After all thier secret service has recently been given permission to assasinate any person who denigrates the Russian state anyware in the world. Basically Russia has said that it will do what it likes anywhere in the world without giving a fig about national soveriegnity. We do not even register enough to have an idealogical difference. There is no debate here, unlike a possible debate with British muslims. If this nation does anything that Putin considers getting too much in his way, they will take whatever action they can to force us to agree with them. They have already hinted at this by switching off the power supplies to satalite states last year.

10th Dec 2006, 11:25

DocD says:

It is amazing that da Brit government has not outwardly registered any protests to what looks like an assasination by a foreign country on their soil. The whole aftermath of this has effected a large number of peeps and institutions but I don't see John Reid making any pronouncements.

10th Dec 2006, 18:59

I have enjoyed this point of view, from you, in the UK.

We got the story here in Australia, but your post gives more clarity.

8th Jan 2007, 02:38