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Introductions. I hate introductions, never know quite what is worth omitting. Well I'm from sunny Lincoln, I constantly look like I need a hair cut and a shave, even if I have just had one, I sleep to much, spend to much eat too much and drink to much. Not at the same time.I like to play guitar and very recently the bass, I like Japanese cars, culture and media and phones and gadgets.

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new shoes!!

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New chucks! To attempt to lengthen how long my favourite black ones,which as you can see are a little worse for wear but as they are reaching their 8th year they need all the help they need to reach the 10 years! Not sure if i like the white yet,but give them a few days and they'll soon be black!


Toddy says:

Nice! you big girl!

1st Dec 2006, 09:17

its beyond me how anyone could keep a pair of chucks for longer than a year. i destroy mine so quickly

1st Dec 2006, 09:19

hachi.roku says:

The black ones have had 4 different pairs of laces, been to 5 countries, driven a ferrari, been to 2 festivals and countless gigs. I normally don't keep stuff long but for some reason these have lasted. :)

1st Dec 2006, 09:26

AS IF you are going to keep them white for any longer than a week....and thats at a push!

2nd Dec 2006, 14:24

hachi.roku says:

well by sunday they already have black marks all over them. There were marks on them after 6 hours ha ha!

4th Dec 2006, 09:43