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This is Sophie, a lovely, sweet girl, if a touch flatulent. Deserves a much better rider. Fortunately she's very patient with me...


Gael says:

looks like a fine animal (but I still don't see any brakes)

2nd Dec 2006, 00:20

hildegard says:

One's bum, mainly, & a bit of rein & you can say "whoa" if you like... Oddly, it works. Very obliging beasts. Only problem for Sophie is that her rider's communication skills are a bit rusty...

2nd Dec 2006, 01:05

Tori says:

Perhaps she was fed a Costco sized container of Beefarino?

2nd Dec 2006, 01:12

hildegard says:

I don't know exactly what it is & I'm happy to remain in blissful wossname but I think I can be confident that they don't feed her Beefarino. Just on Mad Cow grounds alone, we try to avoid feeding vegetarians to one another these days. ;)
About what, two-thirds or more of her diet is long fibre... reckon it just comes natural to her...

2nd Dec 2006, 01:21

Tori says:

It was from a Seinfeld episode. A horse used to pull carriages around Central Park was fed (what is apparently spelled Beef-A-Reeno) , and this produces an overabundance of flatulence, and of course since it is a sitcom, trouble and hilarity ensues.

2nd Dec 2006, 01:31

Caine says:

Aw, Sophie is lovely, and I'm sure you're a fine rider.

2nd Dec 2006, 01:39

hildegard says:

I was passable as a kid, but it's salutary to find out how much I've forgotten. Still, when I'm not collapsed in giggles at her farting, I think we're making progress...

2nd Dec 2006, 01:50

looks like a long way down

2nd Dec 2006, 23:55

hildegard says:

It is - she's 17.2.
Just my size. :)

3rd Dec 2006, 00:27

farmboyphil says:


did you send me mail? unless i'm looking in the wrong place i didn't receive it, do you have to be a subscriber before you can receive?

3rd Dec 2006, 13:22

hildegard says:

Yeah - used the "contact User" button - you don't have to subscribe for that but maybe your spam filter dumped it?

3rd Dec 2006, 13:31

farmboyphil says:

did you get mine?

3rd Dec 2006, 13:37

hildegard says:

Nope. Hang on, I'll have a look at the FAQs...

3rd Dec 2006, 14:09

HelgaGPataki says:

Hi Sophie! She's a beautiful, beautiful horse, lovely colour...

3rd Dec 2006, 21:18

hildegard says:

Helga - she is beautiful. Must remember to blog her on a sunny day when you can see all the lowlights in her coat... :)
Phil - I can't see the problem. SFG had no trouble mailing me via the 'contact user' option both when he was logged in & logged out.
So, onto the annoyingly obvious;
Are you checking the right email account?
Have you checked your spam filters & safe list?
Have you checked your moblog profile to see who you accept contact from?
Beyond that, I know nothing & you'll have to ask Frog - he's more of an echt geek, isn't he? ;)

4th Dec 2006, 17:18