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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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Donate !!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe search for more mesenchymal stem cells!!!!! Please please please

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HelloIv been playing nintendo ds with a friend. Nintendogs.Heres the update.Im still in hospital. Bin having physio to try and get mobile! I have
some exercises i can do in bed now. Which is good.Skin seems to be ok, flakey and dry.Liver blood results were getting better, but one has gone wrong way for
couple of days?
Dr not sure why? But blood results fluxuate (spelling)One reason maybe is that they have found a virus in my ...... Poo poo,
stole........ What ever you wana call it.
Can effect liver, kidney, lungs.
But they've found it in such a small amount that they dont know if its
doing anything. Iv started a drug to kill it today.Dont really know about bowel coz hasn't been scanned for few days.I saw the dietician, she guna find out what the best foods to eat are
for me. (So i can get some weight on)And they are going to try track down some more mesenchymal stem cells
!!!!!! That would be fab!!!!!!
Coz then i get more chance of them working!!!!
Sweet. Please please please ..... I hope they do.I have more info on how they are made and stuff.
(I was wrong before)When someone has a stem cell harvist its put in a jar. When all the stem
cells die left behind are mesenchymal stem cell, a very primative cell.When injected into someone it seems to find damaged tissue, then turn
into that tissue (obviously not damaged)
With GVHD they do something even better.... GVHD is caused by a type of
white blood cell (the T-cell) attacking the organ. When mesenchymal stem
cells bump into the T-cell attcking the organ they let off a chemical
that shuts down the T-cell. They then turn into the tissue like i said
So you get double action.Hehe i sound like a mens razor advert.Oh and the best thing is.... You dont have to be a tissue match!!!!!!
Hammersmith royal infirmary do the stuff. Is that in london???So everyone please !!! I want some more !!!!!!!
Hehe your cells will become part of my bowel.Donate!!!!!!!!!
5th Dec 2006, 19:14  


Dad says:

A very full description, Alex. Hope that you kick the virus. See you shortly.

5th Dec 2006, 19:51

MaggieD says:

Just checked ... It is Imperial College (Hammersith campus) London that is dealing with this ....

5th Dec 2006, 20:05

Alfie says:

So hang on, what are the requirements for someone to be able to go in and donate specifically for you Alex? If tissue match isnt a factor, what is?

5th Dec 2006, 20:17

hildegard says:

The Anthony Nolan Trust have a list of general requirements for would-be bone marrow donors;

5th Dec 2006, 20:36

Alfie says:

And what, if you know, are the understood physical effects of becoming a bone marrow donor under these circumstances?

5th Dec 2006, 20:59

TMS says:

Word G... had my first exam today, 4 to go. Can't wait for home... Hope nintendogs is sweet, you should get mariokart DS, you can play it on 2 DS with 1 cartridge I think. Mariokart is pretty much the greatest game ever.
Later Bro

5th Dec 2006, 21:00

Chris says:

I'm happy to donate you some stem cells. Did have a sore throat a day or to ago, is that a problem?

6th Dec 2006, 10:51

Alfie says:

Chris, if only it was that easy. Im assuming your being somewhat sincere, so, its a bone marrow donation, which has health risks associated. Look at the links above for what is and what isn't acceptable for donors.

7th Dec 2006, 12:02

nige says:

i'm checking this out in earnest. would like to be of help, man...

7th Dec 2006, 19:41

ElphsHouse says:
Some more information on how the cells or marrow are harvested.
My husband used to donate platelets on a fairly regular basis, and he said that he usually fell asleep during the procedure, and that he experienced a bit of a rush...kind of like blood doping, I guess.
Alex, I live too far away (in the US) to help you, but I am going to register as a donor here.
I wish you the best of luck, and a speedy recovery.

7th Dec 2006, 21:15

Steph says:

My friends sister in law - (tenuous link)- died of Leukaemia and after watching what they went through trying to find donors I seriously looked at becoming a one myself back then but due to my potential health problem on the Anthony Nolan registrar deem me "Definitely unacceptable"

Or I'd donate today and tomorrow and the day after I really really would!!

9th Dec 2006, 21:16

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