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Maximo Park in China

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posted by maximo_band_pics
11th Dec 2006, 15:34  

Sam says:

aw ace! its nice to see you're all having fun!

11th Dec 2006, 15:42

Susanne says:

So cute, it looks cold. And I like no 3, Oaul lokks as if he didn't really want to pose.

11th Dec 2006, 17:38

Susanne says:

I meant "Paul" of course... I am new here...

11th Dec 2006, 17:39

Susanne says:

I wonder where that "a single act..." sign is from? Maybe the great wall.

11th Dec 2006, 17:40

Bound says:

Aw, so cute! Thank you, the Park, for the lovely pics of your adventures. X

11th Dec 2006, 17:50

clara says:

Hey all these are great.I love the one of the Great Wall,it looks absolutely fascinating and atmospheric. What an extraordinary sign in the second pic.Paul's coat is smart and Tom looks like a Russian revolutionary in his!
Thank you,guys,for posting these.
You're very lucky to see a place like this.

11th Dec 2006, 18:29

clara says:

I meant in a good way,Tom,re your coat!

11th Dec 2006, 18:39

Bound says:

Dear The Park,
Please could you submit some candid shots of yourselves for our Non-Profit Unofficial Calendar? :P

11th Dec 2006, 18:50

Bound says:

Dear The Park,
Please could you submit some candid shots of yourselves for our Non-Profit Unofficial Calendar? :P

11th Dec 2006, 18:50

vic says:

welcome to our club susanne

11th Dec 2006, 19:02

Bound says:

Why did that do that? Stoopid PC...Welcome Susanne!

11th Dec 2006, 19:23

clara says:

What do you think of the poem on the Forum,Bound?I thought it was rather sad.

11th Dec 2006, 19:28

clara says:

It looks too cold in China for candid shots,I might add.

11th Dec 2006, 19:29

Bound says:

I love it so much...I PM-ed you about my lack of Futurefest misery...It's all gone Pete Tong here at Polly HQ...:(

11th Dec 2006, 20:07

clara says:

Yes I got the PM.Oh dear,what's happened at HQ?

11th Dec 2006, 20:13

Bound says:

Like I say, it's well messed up here...but I DO have a cunning plan...

11th Dec 2006, 20:37

clara says:

Send me an email,then!

11th Dec 2006, 20:46

Bound says:

I will do, love, in t'morning. I need bed and a cuddle right now. XX

11th Dec 2006, 20:48

clara says:

OK-speak tomorrow then!

11th Dec 2006, 20:59

outofvision says:

aw, thank you guys!

11th Dec 2006, 21:39

meimipop says:

The sign on the second one is quite disturbing.
They make me jealous :)

11th Dec 2006, 21:39

kay says:

why did lukas grab tom's coat in the first pic? :D

its my first time see these pics! Nice!

12th Dec 2006, 01:43

ducky says:

Very nice photos! cheers guys, look like you're having an amazing time out there!

12th Dec 2006, 02:35

anonymous says:

A single act of carelessness leads to the eternal loss of beauty.....very philisophical, bet you liked that Paul :)

12th Dec 2006, 02:47

clara says:

Perhaps Paul will post an in-depth diary entry about Beijing and Shanghai,and tell us more about the meaning(s) behind that sign.
It sounds very profound.

12th Dec 2006, 10:36

anonymous says:

can't you think yourself? for once? paul tell us, paul tell us.

12th Dec 2006, 12:08

Bound says:

I think you mean 'can't you think FOR yourself', anonymous. Taking the piss for no real reason AND failing to have any concept of how to write, both at the same time! You're so multitalented! Go you! x

12th Dec 2006, 13:56

clara says:

Who the f... are you,anonymous?
Go and do your Xmas shopping.
And leave us in peace on here.
Hello Bound.

12th Dec 2006, 15:01

clara says:

I'll return here later,when the lunatics have stopped taking over the asylum.

12th Dec 2006, 15:06

clara says:

Haha Hi Elena!How are you?

12th Dec 2006, 20:38

clara says:

Good. Did you read the review of the show?

12th Dec 2006, 21:02

clara says:

See you later,Elena.

12th Dec 2006, 21:16

clara says:

Just read the Shainghai Diary entry.It's beautifully written.
Sounds like a city of contrasts,like most cities are.Thank you,Paul.Will you post a "Shanghai By Night",please?

13th Dec 2006, 15:40

char says:

Clara! You actually are pulling his strings arent you. I mean, I guess he would probably write a diary entry about China anyway, but it seems like it was right after you asked. *suspicious* Xx

13th Dec 2006, 16:00

clara says:

Hahaha Char-there's no concrete proof of that!!!

13th Dec 2006, 16:04

he buys bottled water says:

bottled water!? gosh i wish i'd thought of that! i'd be a millionaire!

13th Dec 2006, 22:54

clara says:

I guess Shanghai would be quite a dangerous place to go out at night,but I wouldn't really know.

16th Dec 2006, 18:41

Inga says:

I like his hat. fullstop.

17th Dec 2006, 23:53

clara says:

OK OK,we get the picture.

18th Dec 2006, 10:07

char says:

While we're talking fashion, I want the girl version of Paul's coat. So nice! I like the belt, the all works. Xx

18th Dec 2006, 16:26

clara says:

Looks like a good label one,it's really smart.

18th Dec 2006, 17:23

heArtbeAt says:

Wow! I'm jealous of that last shot! It must have been amazing to just stand right in that place. And it looks like a painting.

18th Dec 2006, 20:09

park_child says:

i'd love to know what they experienced in the forbidden city.
it's really cold in winter's beijing, autumn is better to travel to beijing. have the band go to the summer palace? (i like there in summer, been there at a winter, all ice up on the hunming river...) and really not easy to climb great wall in winter.
but i like some parts of beijing...

21st Dec 2006, 15:32

clara says:

It looks freezing,but quite fascinating to visit.

21st Dec 2006, 17:04