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A Mystery - Other Peoples Photos

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Here's a little mystery I'm trying to solve...
One of the groundsmen here at the school dug up a Smart Media Card while planting some roses recently. He bought the card to me to see if we could get anything off it. I carefully cleaned all the dirt from the contacts and put it into the drive... lo and behold it worked!! (These things are damn robust... I've actually washed and ironed a compact flash card before and I'm still using it!)
Anyway these are some of the photos we got off it -

1. A view - I think - towards Scarborough beach in Western Australia -
taken 17 July 2003

2. A burnt out washing machine ????-) Location unknown taken 19 June 2003 at 8am - suspect this is in England somewhere

3. Wimbledon - I assume - If the clock on the camera was right - It was taken during Day 4 of Wimbledon 2003 After doing some Googling I think the player could be Andre Agassi, who played court one - or Tim Henman who played Centre Court ( Im not a tennis fan so don't know what all the courts look like )
4. The entrance to Broomwood Hall - A school in SW London - (At least I think it is... the photos on their website show the same sort of brickwork etc) - taken Sunday 29 June 2003

5. Some Chickens!! - Location Unknown! The interesting thing is the billboard behind the cage - shows the company logo for "Fraser Tennant" an insurance company from North Yorkshire and "Hiscox" another insurance company - Maybe the owner of the camera offered to insure chickens??

6. Someone Crying? Also taken on July 17th - This is somewhere in Australia as zooming in with photoshop shows an Australian post envelope on the table - but the laptop case is possibly from Europe as it has instructions in French, German, Italian and Spanish on the bottom

So is this your memory card I'm holding - The photos were taken on a Fuji Finepix40i camera
and were taken from 19th June to the 1st August 2003 - Maybe I'll release another batch of clues from the card soon :-)Dave "Sherlock SpoonZ" Spooner


hildegard says:

2nd from the bottom looks like a poultry show...

12th Dec 2006, 04:09