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Pictures makes me feel as if the nature of my alcoholism and insanity have occasionally been captured. I don't know if anyone who sees this will approve, or if they'll find it even worse than dead baby pictures.
Fascinating? Horrifying? Boring as fuck? Not that fucking is boring.
Hey... you came here. If it's just a fucking table, it's just a fucking table. If it's my mental ejaculate and it pisses you off, piss off.

Why the HELL would you want to know more?
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Here's the expository dialogue:

I go to the pharmacist yesterday and tell him my problem... dry, scratchy cough thus no sleep. That's it.
Pharmacist says cough syrup.
I tell pharmacist I don't buy cough syrup because I've had really bad experiences with the stuff, and I don't konw what ingredient makes me loopy.
Pharmacist says to take benelyn dm for dry cough. One ingredient, dextromethorphan, so side effects will be minimal.

Unless, of course, it's dextromethorphan that MADE me have bad side effects because perhaps I am allergic to it?

I did NOT sleep last night. I spent the night rolling around in my bed hallucinating and talking to myself and taking pictures of myself to help deal with/disprove my hallucinations. God, if I'd had internet I bet there could have been some seriously fucked up conversations... damn, I need net.

The TWELVE HOUR TIME RELEASE FORMULA dextromathorphan has only recently vacated my system, leaving me exhausted and hung over, and very confused. I know these sound like a natural state of being for me, but this is nastiness beyond compare. My whole day thus far feels like I've been clumsily working a marionette from behind stage without a view. Now my head is clearing, I'm the puppet, and my strings are made of cheese, oh dear.

If someone could come over this afternoon and kindly oblige me with a swift sledge-hammer to the noggin, I would be most grateful.
26th Aug 2004, 19:29  


Alfie says:

oh babe, oh poor poor babe.

26th Aug 2004, 19:31

Melinda says:

On the plus side, I only have to be at the office for another two and a half hours.

On the minus side, I still have to be at the office for another two and a half hours.

Arg. Howz by yu, Alf?

26th Aug 2004, 19:37

I seem to be fresh out of sledgehammer, but I have two smallish cattle-prods, a rechargable powered screwdriver, and a petrified loaf of pumpernickel bread....


26th Aug 2004, 19:40

Alfie says:

Im good love, although my Holiday in Croatia was abortive.Ive salvaged it by convincing the editor that me going to Slovakia for two weeks on a snowboarding trip will make a great story =)

26th Aug 2004, 19:42

Melinda says:

And you know... I bet it will.


26th Aug 2004, 19:45

Alfie says:

!!!!!!!!!!! feckin reeet!!!!

It's a pity its in January but. Still, I should be able to get out to Toronto for a short while in the meantime right?

26th Aug 2004, 19:47

Melinda says:

Wait, WHAAAA? You're coming HERE??!?!?!?!!!

26th Aug 2004, 19:51

Alfie says:

well, no, only potentially right? ;)

26th Aug 2004, 19:56

Melinda says:

Hmmmm.... and what strings do I have to pull to make potentially transmute into definitely?

26th Aug 2004, 19:58

slinka says:

I only have a claw hammer, but I'll swing it real hard.

Naw, hope you're better soon. At least in time for Atlanta.

Can I borrow some of that syrup?

26th Aug 2004, 20:38

Melinda says:

TAke... it...... all.

26th Aug 2004, 20:39

Someone mention Atlanta? If you're going through the trouble to make the trip down, I'll go buy a sixteen-pounder!

You can take it back with you on the plane!


26th Aug 2004, 20:51

Melinda says:

I'm hoping that by then I'll be better... but thanks for the thought, Laszlo!

26th Aug 2004, 21:15

Well, it could always come in handy later.

But I have to admit I'd love to find out what would happen if you try to get a sixteen-pound sledge through the security screens at Hartsfield as a carry-on item....


26th Aug 2004, 21:22

SynGen262 says:

Welcome to my world little girl!
Screaming agony (virus induced pain in joints), dreams that would make Clive Barker wince.
Insomnia (oh wait; that's regular state for me).
And mood swings to put Mercy on 'Reactine' to shame.

As for the hallucinations; just go with it. and if the 'Man with black gloves' show up with his clipboard...

27th Aug 2004, 06:58

Melinda says:

Geek. Hehehe.


27th Aug 2004, 15:28

=^.^= says:

You know Mel, there are better drugs than the one you buy at he pharmacist...
and some will make you sleep real smooth, regardless of coughing or whatever...

27th Aug 2004, 15:35

Melinda says:

I'm trying to decide if that's some form of innuendo...

27th Aug 2004, 18:20

*sucks your sledge hammer*

27th Aug 2004, 21:52

Melinda says:

But not the busted one...

27th Aug 2004, 22:09

Joe says:

It's a good job I compulsively read every post on this site...I nearly didn't get that :)

27th Aug 2004, 22:16

yes the busted one!

28th Aug 2004, 20:44

Melinda says:

Well in that case...



30th Aug 2004, 14:45

Melinda says:

Joe: hehehehe. *wink*

30th Aug 2004, 14:46

Evil_Tim says:


30th Aug 2004, 16:59

*mmiammpffff* niffff AMMAH, Massah...

30th Aug 2004, 19:32

=^.^= says:

That. Was. Madness.


4th Sep 2004, 01:35

Dude says:

Big bowl of chicken soup in post
*If vegie will send potato and leek instead*

8th Jun 2008, 17:56