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Introductions. I hate introductions, never know quite what is worth omitting. Well I'm from sunny Lincoln, I constantly look like I need a hair cut and a shave, even if I have just had one, I sleep to much, spend to much eat too much and drink to much. Not at the same time.I like to play guitar and very recently the bass, I like Japanese cars, culture and media and phones and gadgets.

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bens new business dress

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Ha ha looks very nice with the t shirt!


Ben says:


20th Dec 2006, 10:45

Toddy says:


20th Dec 2006, 10:46

Spidersense tingling!

20th Dec 2006, 11:01

hachi.roku says:

.....and more, and now fully poseable too!!

20th Dec 2006, 11:43

ViX says:

Oooo I love that tie!!

20th Dec 2006, 11:56

twinklystars says:

Next challenge: find a Thundercats one!

20th Dec 2006, 11:58

Ben says:

I really am spiderman
I want a Fantastic Four tie too!
Make it so.

20th Dec 2006, 12:02

hachi.roku says:

I have some boxers with fantastic 4 on. But your not having my pants!

20th Dec 2006, 12:04

twinklystars says:

We don't want to know about your pants, let alone nick them!

20th Dec 2006, 12:08

hachi.roku says:

you see them enough, and I feel its only fair to gove you something to read at the same time.

20th Dec 2006, 12:09

twinklystars says:

Please be aware, people, that hachi.roku wears his trousers round his arse, which is why we see his pants a lot. Not for any other reason.

20th Dec 2006, 12:12

hachi.roku says:

apart from last night.......

20th Dec 2006, 12:12

twinklystars says:

Oops, sorry, forgot about that. After all, it did only last for a second...

20th Dec 2006, 12:26

hachi.roku says:

3 seconds thank you very much....


20th Dec 2006, 12:27



20th Dec 2006, 12:31

ben says:


20th Dec 2006, 12:56