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A great game for all the family
26th Dec 2006, 20:38   | tags:,,,,

Steve says:

Another "bestpic"

26th Dec 2006, 20:39

Steve says:


26th Dec 2006, 20:45

Steve says:

Last one

26th Dec 2006, 20:54

beth says:

we are good adverts

26th Dec 2006, 20:54

Gael says:

these ara amazing, Steve - looks like Beth has magnetic powers in the last one ...

26th Dec 2006, 21:33

OJ says:

Oh very impressive. Looks like a good game too...

26th Dec 2006, 23:32

Steve says:

It really is fun!

And the bottom one is my favourite too

27th Dec 2006, 00:03

Steve says:

I wish that we could post GIF's like we do movies... maybe this is a feature that could be added? Although it may make the home page a moving mess

27th Dec 2006, 00:08

nige says:

these are ace.

27th Dec 2006, 00:26

Steve says:

Just did

"Moblog says no"

27th Dec 2006, 11:09

ukmari says:

I've never seen this before. Looks fun
I guess it is the same concept as Jenga?

27th Dec 2006, 12:51

beth says:

like jenga but building not taking away

27th Dec 2006, 13:01

spike managed to post a gif as a file aaaaages ago - ask him!

27th Dec 2006, 13:18

Steve says:

If you change the image you can, but that sets you at a 300kb limit... also your not meant to!

27th Dec 2006, 13:45

MaggieD says:

These are great! ....does this mean I can animate my cartoons? .... I can 'save to web' on photoshop (once I have layered them) and when I do that I can send them as a gif email attachment to friends (who can then view) .... does it work the same on Moblog .... but I won't do it if I am not meant to ..... goody, goody, me ......

27th Dec 2006, 18:07

Steve says:

You can embed them into a page but you can't post them. There was talk of avoiding lots of moving things on the home page

But yes it should work the same

27th Dec 2006, 18:53

MaggieD says:

Thanks, can understand the not wanting lots of moving things on the home page .... it was only a thought ...... :-)

27th Dec 2006, 20:25

Viv says:

These are super - I was in the kitchen! Yet to play it - but enjoyed cranium!

31st Dec 2006, 01:19

Euphro says:

That looks like great fun! We've just evolved as far as Buckaroo in our family. Good to know that there are things to look forward too :)

11th Jan 2007, 13:11