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This week I have been mostly... sleepy

I have been mostly playing with my new Canon 5D Mk II

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When I should be... Working harder

I am most looking forward to... The Muse concert on Thursday :)

This weekend I am... probably cooking an Easter dinner for everyone.

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Christmas Party.

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So I don't normally use this site as a proper blog, but I thought it might be nice to write a bit today.

This has been my first Christmas outside of England and without my family. About a month ago I thought it might be a little bit crappy. A few of my fellow Brits were also here over the holidays so we decided to go snowboarding on Christmas to ease the pain. The weather was truly terrible, but there was still 3m of powder so we went anyway. I accidentally did my first black diamond run that day. May have been tempting fate a little bit; no visibility, snowing heavily, and it being Christmas day, but I got to the bottom with no broken bones (but a slightly sore coccyx).

Then in the evening I had a meal for all the other people I knew who would be away from home. My friend Julie wanted to cook the meal, with me hosting and making the desserts. In total we had 3 Germans, 3 Brits, 1 Chinese, 2 Quebecois an Aussie, a New Zealander and a 17lb turkey. It was a really nice evening actually, and the first proper dinner party I've ever hosted. Much more civilised than my usual parties. We did somehow manage to get through 16 bottles of wine and an entire bottle of port though. Anywho, hope everyone had a great Christmas however you celebrated.

nige says:

an international xmas party! great story RAB, and it sounds like you made the very best of a not-so-good situation. this was the first year i hosted xmas too, and i loved it. many more to come.

congrats on the black diamond too. ouch.

28th Dec 2006, 10:29

FilbertFox says:

I had been wondering what you would be doing, being so far from home etc. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Brilliant.

28th Dec 2006, 10:39

with 16 bottles of wine you msut have had fun! glad it went well over there :)

28th Dec 2006, 11:06

Gael says:

sounds like a great day.
All the best for the New Year, and lots more boarding to come : )

28th Dec 2006, 11:42

that looks lovely and I'm so pleased to hear it went so well

28th Dec 2006, 12:36

swamprose says:

a giant dinner for 'aliens' looks great.
did the quebecois know they were from a different country?

only way to do a diamond run is by mistake. congratulations.

28th Dec 2006, 14:36

hildegard says:

Waifs & Strays xmas parties are some of the best I've ever been to. Glad yours went with a swing. Merry Everything! :)

28th Dec 2006, 14:57

crickson says:

Glad to hear you had a great time!

*Waves to everyone : )

28th Dec 2006, 22:26

Dhamaka says:

Happy New Year!

31st Dec 2006, 20:05

Mumsey Badger says:

Looks great - in the family tradition and sounds like great fun. Its what Christmas is about - friends and family! Now all I need to say is Happy new year to you and Lisa and hope your coccyx is now feeling better!!!!

2nd Jan 2007, 13:06

Whoops... never replied on this one. Shows how little I've been on this site recently.

Thanks all. It was an excellent Christmas. Kinda wish I was still on holiday to be honest!

Cheers Mum. Wasn't quite the same without your big roast dinner, and the obligatory poo conversation at the dinner table.

1st Feb 2007, 07:42

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25th Sep 2012, 16:45

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