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Welcome to Seth Lakeman's moblog... This is the place to see all the Seth pictures / videos that you guys have sent in. You can easily post to this group via the web by simply joining, and more easily keep up to date with Seth's moblog updates. Send us text, pictures and videos by SMS or MMS to: 07786201241 with the keyword seth at the start of the message, or by email to:


Messages cost no more than your standard MMS rates.

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It's that time of year...we're all getting a bit bored and have new toys to play with! I'm going to ask for photoshop next...mike
30th Dec 2006, 18:34  

Suzanne says: take such amazing pictures!
Mind if I....*yoink* :D :D

30th Dec 2006, 18:38

mike says:

*yoink* ????

30th Dec 2006, 18:41

The White Hare says:

Wow...great pics!!

30th Dec 2006, 18:42

Ruth says:

Stretcher bearer for Suzanne, please!

Great pictures, Mike - Thank you! x

30th Dec 2006, 18:42

mike says:

perhaps *yoink* is a medical term/condition?!?!?

30th Dec 2006, 18:45

Suzanne says:

Aye I might need a stretcher...:D

I was just planning to steal (use/save) them, Mike *evil grin*

30th Dec 2006, 18:46

The White Hare says:

Means she's gonna steal em and druel for hours!!

30th Dec 2006, 18:46

mike says:

actually...looking at the b/w shot, the percussionist sub for Cormac (didn't catch her name) looks like she has luminous eye make up - not at all dissimilar to Peter Gabriel when he used to do 'Watcher of the Skies' in Genesis!!! (betraying my roots there a bit!)

30th Dec 2006, 18:47

mike says:

suzanne - ask nicely and i'll mail you them!!! no problem - I just can't take the responsibility for a sudden increase in coronary care all over the country.

30th Dec 2006, 18:48

Suzanne says:

Sshhh WH...I'm sure no one wants to knwo my evil/pathetic plans.


30th Dec 2006, 18:50

Suzanne says:

Ta mike don't worry there already on my computer :D

Sorry for my strange vocabularly use!

30th Dec 2006, 18:51

The White Hare says:

Mike, would u possibly be lovely and email me the green one...i fancy a bit of background production!!

30th Dec 2006, 18:52

mike says:

no probs. do i get this to you???

30th Dec 2006, 18:58

The White Hare says:

I'l PM u my email address on the mire....

30th Dec 2006, 19:02

mike says:

thanks!! just getting used to this mullarkey!!

30th Dec 2006, 19:02

Laura says:

Wow,there great!

31st Dec 2006, 12:53

The White Hare says:

See the movement in that hand!! *winks*
Laura and Suzanne, you can't spell!!!

31st Dec 2006, 13:03

Suzanne says:

That's very true...

31st Dec 2006, 13:17

The White Hare says:

Yes...its not there great or there already on my computer...its they're........bloody hell!!

31st Dec 2006, 13:44

Suzanne says:

Since when did I say I could spell/speak properly!

Am I going to have to start typing slower and thinking when I'm on here for fear you'll yell ;) :D

31st Dec 2006, 13:54

The White Hare says: know the powers of the White Hare!! Be very afraid!!

31st Dec 2006, 16:08

Suzanne says:

EEeek...Oh dear

*runs away from moblog to mire*

31st Dec 2006, 17:06