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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No 31. Leeds is the centre of the universe .....

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Leeds is the centre of the universe
Or so they like to think,
The capital of Gin and Jaffa Cakes
(And other types of drink)

They say there is a crisis
With pies all but sold out.
Joe was in a panic,
The Fox did scream and shout.

The son of Crick worked his magic
Water turned into beer
Just like the loaves and fishes
The pies did reappear ..

So raise your glasses everyone
And give a little cheer ...
And wish yourselves the very best ....
A Happy Moblogging New Year!
31st Dec 2006, 19:28  

Dhamaka says:


another Maggie Great!

Happy New Year to you too!

31st Dec 2006, 19:31

FilbertFox says:

Me scream and shout? OK then its a fair cop guv.

have a good un yourself Maggie

31st Dec 2006, 19:34

Joe says:

WOO! :)

31st Dec 2006, 19:34

Happy new year to you too :-)

31st Dec 2006, 19:35

Viv says:

See I'm drinking tea! :-(

And no-one is going to get any more of that gin very much in FF's clutches!!

Have a very good year yourself Maggie and we all look forward to more of your unique contributions and to seeing you in Leeds sometime.

Off to get myself ready for our annual New Years do at the pub!

31st Dec 2006, 19:38

MaggieD says:

Thanks all ..... am off to get ready myself ......

31st Dec 2006, 19:40

seaneeboy says:

Brilliant! I'm going to fight off veryone for that pint, you can see it ;)

Happy New Year to you Maggie :)

31st Dec 2006, 19:41

JokerXL says:

Have fun in the new year too MaggieD.
Keep up the wonderful work.

31st Dec 2006, 20:08

Caine says:

Happy New Year to You, Maggie!

31st Dec 2006, 23:31

Happy New Year :)

1st Jan 2007, 02:40

FilbertFox says:

too right Viv that's my gin

1st Jan 2007, 09:25

Viv says:

I stuck to Taylors and amazingly we still have a full bottle of said gin!
Did finish the evening with a sloe gin made by by next door neighbour...'twas good.

1st Jan 2007, 09:30

FilbertFox says:

i had sloe gin last night as well. I had too bottles for my birthday started the 2nd yesterday

1st Jan 2007, 09:36

nige says:

i'm fairly sure thats my bottle of Bombay that ff has her hands on there. don't argue.

recognise all bar the chap on the right with his back to us. care to enlighten, Maggie? brilliant as usual... : )

1st Jan 2007, 12:48

MaggieD says:

No fighting over the gin bottle - there is enough to go round.
Didn't spend as much time as I would have liked on this so it ended up a bit rushed. The chap with his back to us on the right going for the pint is Sean.
The rest are, from left to right:
Joe, Crickson, Steve, Baggy Boy, Helen, Viv, Shoes, Filbert Fox, Beth, Chris (Distinctly Average), Ann (Spiderbaby) and Sean at the front ....... I know there are more but time and lack of pics meant I missed them out :-(

1st Jan 2007, 13:10

nige says:

ah, now the circle is complete! sean was the only one i couldn't get.

it's brilliant as always maggie, and i'm sure you'll get round to drawing everyone in good time, so you're forgiven for the lack of time ; )

when you were outlining this in your last post it looked almost like the last supper to me. did you use the imagery?

1st Jan 2007, 13:25

MaggieD says:

Well spotted Nige! .... it did kind of start out that way .... I just did not have the time to do it justice ...

1st Jan 2007, 13:29

Spiderbaby says:

Yay! Most excellent. That's exactly what Leeds is like :) Happy New Year MaggieD!

1st Jan 2007, 13:36

nige says:

not at all, it's quite easy to spot, i think. wonderful.

1st Jan 2007, 13:37

MaggieD says:


1st Jan 2007, 13:40

Spiderbaby says:

Crickson loves it too - especially the Pie! Always pride of place for pastry packages of sheer delight in Leeds!

1st Jan 2007, 13:43

a very happy new year to you maggie, power to the pen!

1st Jan 2007, 15:46

chris says:

Wow. I got made into a cartoon! Woo!

Happy New Year Maggie and all of moblog. As usual a great pic maggie.

1st Jan 2007, 16:10

beth says:

ooh i got imortalised :) tahnks and happy new year to you too

1st Jan 2007, 23:35

and again in welsh: blwyddyn newidd dda!

2nd Jan 2007, 01:23

anonymous says:

blwyddyn newidd dda eto (I think!)
and thanks folks ....

2nd Jan 2007, 18:57

MaggieD says:

Oooops .... that was me ....

2nd Jan 2007, 18:58

crickson says:

Brilliant! I like the fact that the poem seems to imply I'm some sort of deity.

2nd Jan 2007, 19:16

MaggieD says:

There was a pic on Spiderbaby's blog a few days ago entitled 'Holy Crickson' .... you had a halo .... I assumed you were Leeds second deity .... in charge of victuals etc ....

2nd Jan 2007, 19:22

FilbertFox says:

i managed to recognise all but 1

And nige the gin is mine and mine alone

2nd Jan 2007, 19:24

MaggieD says:

I think it was always assumed that the gin was yours FF (Nige is all mouth and trousers, Viv, on balance, goes with the Yorkshire Tea ) .... me, I am just an observer .....

2nd Jan 2007, 21:19

swamprose says:

I've been meaning to come by and applaud this. Of course, Leeds is the centre of the universe.
I can hardly wait to see the Fav.

2nd Jan 2007, 21:52

MaggieD says:

I also have a 'vision' of the Fav .... I have never been to Leeds, but I do have a friend in Huddersfield .....

2nd Jan 2007, 21:58

Spiderbaby says:

I'm planning to fight FF for the gin. Shhhh! Don't tell!

2nd Jan 2007, 22:10

FilbertFox says:

so we must all meet in the Fav asap and recreate the scene

2nd Jan 2007, 22:11

MaggieD says:

Do you mean that Joe and Sean would suspend the implied fight over that pint, and everyone else would sit back and let FF take the gin .... just for the sake of a reconstruction?

2nd Jan 2007, 22:22

Spiderbaby says:


2nd Jan 2007, 22:23

nige says:

for the record, there is plenty more to me than just a(n) (open) mouth & trousers, ta very much...

2nd Jan 2007, 22:24

Spiderbaby says:

Ah :)
Of course there is Nige! There's a lot of jumping for one thing :)

2nd Jan 2007, 22:30

MaggieD says:

OK so I have had to / should have had to edit a few words .... thank god I am not a teacher ....

2nd Jan 2007, 22:31

BaggieBoy says:

I thought I had a bit more hair than that.

2nd Jan 2007, 23:11

MaggieD says:

Sorry BB, there were not alot of pics to work from .... I always think of Jeff Astle when I see your name ... one of my most favourite players ....

2nd Jan 2007, 23:19

nige says:

thanks spiderbaby...

...and don't call baggieboy an asshole, maggie. he's new round these parts ;)

2nd Jan 2007, 23:21

BaggieBoy says:

Jeff was my hero when I was a wee (no not wii) boy growing up in darkest Black Country. Alas no longer with us. At least you gave me black hair, in reality there is a lot of grey there now.

2nd Jan 2007, 23:25

MaggieD says:

Loved Frank Skinner ....... and fantasy football .....

2nd Jan 2007, 23:48

swamprose says:

I have no idea who Frank is, but if Maggie is redoing hair, can I have my blonde hair back?

3rd Jan 2007, 00:02

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