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Ode to Annie

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I realised today that I have not blogged my constant companion, Annie. She is with me most times when I am taking photos. She is old, 15 , whatever that is in dog years, and over the holidays she finally started acting her age. She moved slow and carefully. I took her to the vet. She has arthritis in one back leg. With medication, she is back to her old self. She is half Australian cattle dog, half border collie. She likes to herd things. Pigeons. Other dogs. Squirrels. She is opinionated, doesn't like bouncy young pups, but is very happy to walk with me and stand patiently while I fool with my camera. She has outlived most of her dog buddies, and is one of those things in your life you don't always think to point out. So I have. Annie is my companion, my friend, and just an ace dog.
3rd Jan 2007, 00:52   | tags:,,,,,

silar31 says:

She's a beautiful dog swamprose, and I hope you have many more happy years with her. I'm glad the medication is helping her to feel well :-)

3rd Jan 2007, 01:20

swamprose says:

we never think of her as beautiful. she's kind of basic. but we like her. thanks.

3rd Jan 2007, 01:46

OJ says:

Kind of basic stays the course, clearly. What a lovely tribute. She has a certain look of patience to her!

3rd Jan 2007, 02:00

factotum says:

Ah, Gentle Annie! And patient too! I once posted a favourite photo with Annie and SRose here

3rd Jan 2007, 02:50

swamprose says:

my friend, that is a good and true shot. me crawling around photographing plants and Annie waiting for me to get it right. thanks. I had forgotten.

3rd Jan 2007, 03:33

Dhamaka says:

I think she's beautiful too... and swamprose they say a good pet takes after its family...

3rd Jan 2007, 07:45

paintist says:

the eyes speak a thousand words.....Annie knows so much that she is not going to tell.....a keeper of secrets, a great looking dog :-)

3rd Jan 2007, 08:19

Jesson says:

She's beautiful and looks a very wise woman too.

How are you both coping with all the snow I heard came your way?

3rd Jan 2007, 09:34

nige says:

hi annie.

3rd Jan 2007, 10:47

paintist got it right - there's a lot of history in those eyes.

i too think she's a beautiful, if basic, looking dog. i love her little bent-bottle-cap tag too :)

3rd Jan 2007, 10:50

srange little girl says:

is/she is you ?.

Peace & Love

feel really bad about Alex :-(

4th Jan 2007, 00:51

FrancesMF says:

I think she's still got a good few years... a treasure for sure!

4th Jan 2007, 04:58

swamprose says:

thanks all.

today my trusty laptop refuses to boot, even in safe mode. Blogging will be intermittent. windows and I do not get along anymore.

4th Jan 2007, 19:36

Caine says:

She's lovely. My Bear is 15 this year, slowed by an arthritic hip, but still my constant and faithful companion.

5th Jan 2007, 00:41

Viv says:

she's very special

Happy New Year sorry to be so slow - got Mum her 'til Sat so still not much blog time!

5th Jan 2007, 01:19

Rick says:

What a beautiful girl! I love the little bit of grizzle white at the muzzle. Her stance shows great confidence and self assurance. She obviously has a great home, it shows.

5th Jan 2007, 04:51

JokerXL says:

What a handsome old dog.
That Aussie cattle dog is clear to see in her, and the border collie, obviously.

6th Jan 2007, 19:27

Jigalong says:

You really cant take enough pics of Annie. She is just so photogenic

12th Jan 2007, 22:29

hmmmmmmm is she like you? :-P

15th Jan 2007, 21:33

alias fer mup says:

Well yes, she is beautiful. And so are your photos. Yer friend. Mup

25th Jan 2007, 01:10

swamprose says:

alias fer mup! ha! how did you get here?

I am found out. this must be jfw work.
your photos are already here. :)

I'd love to see what you are doing with your new camera. best to mup.

25th Jan 2007, 03:18

alias fer mup says:

yup, jfw the source. no camera, the lens replacement is on a slow trawler from japan. no hurry, no worry.
the photo at dane's on your 1968 blog really is mine, i have the negatiive and a sequence.

26th Jan 2007, 00:18

factotumNLI says:

Alias fer Mup, I honestly wasn't trying to steal credit your photograph; it's just that it looked so familiar, because of the painting i suppose.

26th Jan 2007, 01:34

swamprose says:

your mupness, it's nice to have you around. it would be fun if you joined the blog. we need more crazy canucks who take photos.

26th Jan 2007, 20:33

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