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I've finally jumped on the bandwagon.Anyone know how I can stop it from making silly noises when I take a photo?
7th Jan 2007, 14:52   | tags:,,,,

Steph says:

If you have the phone on silent while using the camera it wont make a shutter sound.

7th Jan 2007, 14:55

teflon says:

Annoyingly this doesn't seem to be the case with the 3 firmware.

7th Jan 2007, 14:56

Steph says:

ah...in that case meh?? I don't know!

Have you the latest firmware from the SE site??

Maybe try updating and see what happens??

7th Jan 2007, 14:58

Steph says:

Oh and is it an Australian phone??

I know this is bizarre but due to due to Australian law there has to be loud shutter noise while taking pictures to stop instances of peeping toms etc!!

(dont ask me i just copied this stuff from the whirlpool forum)

EDIT: on further reading Australia isn't the only country to have this law, China and Japan have it also. SO the reason you cant silence your shutter on 3 is because 3 is owned by a Chinese company!

7th Jan 2007, 15:02

teflon says:

3 do offer the same model in Australia, so I suppose it's possible they use the same firmware.

I wonder if it's cameraphone specific, or applies to all digital cameras?

7th Jan 2007, 15:06

Steph says:

It any item able to take Digital images apparently...also I think I may have found teh software to turn the sound off hang on....

Oh and check out my edit on my above post!!

7th Jan 2007, 15:07

kostika says:

YAY!! Shiny new phone.

Try updating from the SE site, but otherwise I don't have any suggestions on the shutter sound. Luckily mine doesn't do it when on silent.

7th Jan 2007, 15:08

Steph says:

Read this page on the forum a couple of suggestions for different versions of the firmware available.

Hope this helps!

7th Jan 2007, 15:12

teflon says:

Thanks for doing my googling, Steph :)

I'm not going to mess with it too much until I'm definitely keeping it - I'm going to test out the coverage where I need to use it and so on before I transfer my number.

7th Jan 2007, 15:16

Steph says:

Good call!! and no problem, can you tell I'm bored while the everyone else os transfixed by the Villa vs Man U match...

Sunday afternoon football sucks!

7th Jan 2007, 15:18

JokerXL says:

My k750 doesn't react to that "silent mode" trick.
Still thinks it's a '80s paparazzi Nikon with a motor drive that would turn a ferris-wheel.

7th Jan 2007, 17:03

Dhamaka says:

good luck - my k750i did the silent mode thing and so does the k800i

7th Jan 2007, 17:36

shaaaaark says:

My K750i cannot be silenced.


7th Jan 2007, 17:45

spinboy says:

Yeah the whole Chinese company so it has to make a noise problem. You can get the semi official latest firmware for about £7 off some company. Sony still hasn't updated it for a while, I'm hoping they will do soon.

7th Jan 2007, 20:31

teflon says:

Ah, so once SE release new firmware, I'll be able to (officially) install that instead of the 3 firmware?

8th Jan 2007, 10:30

spinboy says:

I'm pretty sure you'll be only able to download the 3 version. There is an update for my firmware, so I might check.

8th Jan 2007, 22:43

540air says:

There is a software updater available, which a techy at vodafone put me on to.

I'll dig out the link for it.

Also, you should be able to completely silence it by either switching to silent in the toolbar menu, or hitting it with a big hammer.

First option is probably the best one ;)

9th Jan 2007, 13:23