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Homoerotic window sticker

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Well, it's a change from the "naked lady" silhouette that seems to be ubiquitous here in Redneck Central....

1st Sep 2004, 18:29  

Alfie says:

Excellent, redneck wrestlers with not enough visual acuity to notice.

1st Sep 2004, 19:13

Jasmine(fuffly_kitten-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

SO hot i want one! Where did you get if from??

22nd Jun 2005, 05:27

Ah, well, sorry, it's not mine. It was on the back window of a pickup truck I saw in a convenience store parking lot not far from the International House of Blasphemy.

I'm sure they're out there on the web somewhere.... Happy hunting!


22nd Jun 2005, 05:57

Kim says:

That is hillarious, but...one of my co-workers got arrested and had to go to court for having sexual stickers on her vehicles because they were to profane for the publics eye...BULL-SHIT...it a free country

8th Jul 2005, 23:15