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Missing Letter Competition

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I can't possibly say where i took these pics, because I was told that photography banned in the building. Spiderbaby almost offered to delete them! I didn't think it was a good idea to explain to the lady i was taking them for comedy value. It was a damn fine concert we listened to

Twiglet says:

Bit sanctimonious though, your T*** Hall......

14th Jan 2007, 10:00

FilbertFox says:

I couldn't possible comment.....

14th Jan 2007, 10:05

JokerXL says:

It says;
"Chesty is the best policy" (Dolly Parton)
"Goodwill towards melton mowbray" (the residents of M.M.)

14th Jan 2007, 11:22

crickson says:

...but if it's a public building...

14th Jan 2007, 12:34

Viv says:

only been in once but it is a bit unforgettable!

14th Jan 2007, 12:39

FilbertFox says:

Spiderbaby was happy for it just to say 'me'. I think it may have been 'melons' or 'meteorites'

14th Jan 2007, 13:27

Spiderbaby says:

I think 'goodwill towards me' is a fine thing to be up on the wall :) Pity we never got to see what the answer to "Weave Trvth with ...." was.

Now get back to work FF!

14th Jan 2007, 14:24

Spiderbaby says:

Maybe you should wear your padded shorts while making slides?

14th Jan 2007, 14:25

FilbertFox says:

haven't started work yet, Tony offered to take me up the Bottom Boat (pics to follow......)

14th Jan 2007, 14:26

have to agree that chesty is besty, but it's actually goodwill towards me, me me!

14th Jan 2007, 14:31

Spiderbaby says:

Ah. An offer you couldn't refuse! Is that why you have a pain in the bum now? ;)

14th Jan 2007, 14:54

FilbertFox says:


14th Jan 2007, 15:33

just look them straight in the eye and say
"comedy Value"
they will be so poleaxed by the fact you had the gaul to answer back you will be able to take as may photo's as you like......

Alternatively tell them you are from 'Hello'

they will never have heard of it and they will think you are being smart......

Have they kicked you out yet?...................

15th Jan 2007, 23:01

FilbertFox says:

I am making it a new years resolution to get kicked out of as many public buildings as possible. Now all i need is a partner in crime - Spiderbaby are you busy?

16th Jan 2007, 08:06

Steve says:

"Molesty is the best Policy"

16th Jan 2007, 08:35

chris says:

immodesty is the best policy?

16th Jan 2007, 09:29