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These are my Jugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So come on girls......... lets finish this contest by the boys with their Spanners!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET YOUR JUGS OUT........................................

Here's a selection of mine

he he he he he xxx
15th Jan 2007, 22:07   | tags:,,,

Helen says:

I can't. I'm ashamed. One of my jugs is much bigger than the other.

15th Jan 2007, 22:15

HELLO............ look at mine!!!!!!!!

15th Jan 2007, 22:22

Twiglet says:

I've only got one worth blogging.....

15th Jan 2007, 22:22

Spiderbaby says:

I'm afraid my jugs are too plain and functional for public display :(

These are lovely though, top left looks especially curious :)

15th Jan 2007, 22:23

Plinko says:

nice jugs!!! I don't have any :(

15th Jan 2007, 22:25

Comer on girls get your jugs out! You have seen our tools..

15th Jan 2007, 22:26

Twiglet..... blog it!

Spiderbaby.. All my jugs are funtional, just like the lads adjustable Spanner!!!!!!!

Top one on left was from wonderful pottery in Wales.

Plinko you must get jugs!! :-)

15th Jan 2007, 22:29

SFG and you wonder why ;-P

15th Jan 2007, 22:31

axel says:

huh? I like the glaze on the tall one back left.

15th Jan 2007, 22:32

thanks Axel that is not only My Biggest Jug!!!!! but my favourite :-)

15th Jan 2007, 22:36

Spiderbaby says:

Sorry - mine are still too plain!

15th Jan 2007, 22:37

One of my older sons has just informed me he is not happy about me posting pictures of my juigs on the internet......... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ................

15th Jan 2007, 22:40

lovely jugs fnarr fnarr

15th Jan 2007, 22:56

tut tut

15th Jan 2007, 23:02

Plinko says:

I was going to get some jugs but was told I didn't need to...

15th Jan 2007, 23:04

well they are not essential equipment but can be great in a crisis, water wine, milk, and such like. of course at christmas can be filled with mulled wine.

15th Jan 2007, 23:13

ViX says:

I only have one jug and its a regular plastic measuring jug! One of those 99p jobs from Tesco!

15th Jan 2007, 23:15

Plinko says:

I've just remembered that I do have some jugs! Plastic ones that fit one inside the other

15th Jan 2007, 23:24

Vix there's no snobbery here,
99p jobbies from T'sc........thats fine :-)

Mandy............what can I say, my hands were on my jugs just this evening....oooh lordy lordy ;-p

15th Jan 2007, 23:26

factotum says:

just posted mine..."nice pair of jugs"

16th Jan 2007, 02:32

paintist says:

oh I hadnt realised we were getting our jugs out in a big way....ok , I will post my jugs later too .....

16th Jan 2007, 07:44

paintist says:

done! my jugs are now on display too......nice collection SLG, a couple of big ones there :-)

16th Jan 2007, 08:38

540air says:

Goodness me, the jugs are on public display. What will people say? They are rather nice though ;)

17th Jan 2007, 17:27

paintist says:

if a lady has nice jugs like these its her duty to put them on :-)

17th Jan 2007, 18:01

MaggieD says:

I have been inspired! .... lovely jugs, BTW .... the whole jug blogging has put a (much needed) great big grin on my face .... thanks :)

19th Jan 2007, 18:08

Sprocket says:

I can't believe I missed this.

Lovely jugs - every last one of them.


19th Jan 2007, 18:24

JokerXL says:

Yay! SLG's got her jugs out!

21st Jan 2007, 08:55

Maggie I'm glad it put a grin on your face :-)

Sprocket - how could you! have missed these ;-P

Joker ......................... ;-)

24th Jan 2007, 23:03

paintist says:

it certainly got an enthusiastic response.... :-)

24th Jan 2007, 23:42