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Switched from Outlook to Thunderbird 2.0 Beta 1. Had to add Lightning 0.3 for my calendar. I need that.


James says:

How are you getting on with Thunderbird? DId you switch from Outlook Express to it, or Outlook?

I just upgraded from Outlook 03 to 07 and it's the slowest, most annoying thing ever! I'm seriously considering Thunderbird. Or just going completely web-based...so any comments would be appreciated!

17th Jan 2007, 12:20

mat says:

Thunderbird is ace. It's light, fast, secure - and most importantly, it's not LookOut.

You can always install tbird, try it out and then go back to Outlook afterwards if you don't like. There's also Evolution, which is a bit more group-ware-y than Thunderbird. Not sure how good the windows port is though.

17th Jan 2007, 12:22

540air says:

I've been thinking about switching from outlook. Currently I use outlook 2002 as it syncs with my ipaq, whereas outllok express doesn't. Does anyone know if Thunderbird is available for ipaqs at all?

17th Jan 2007, 12:28

mat says:

540 - try SmartSync

You know you can install linux on that iPaq, yeah? :)

17th Jan 2007, 12:31

540air says:

I can? Now that I would love to try.

Would I be too cheeky if I asked where from? :)

17th Jan 2007, 12:54

mat says:

er, google? :)

17th Jan 2007, 12:59

Alfie says:


*my favourite acronym of the moment.

17th Jan 2007, 13:06

mat says:

17th Jan 2007, 13:07

540air says:

d'oh. Guess thinking never was my strong point :)

17th Jan 2007, 15:04

540air says:

Clicked that link.... brilliant!! :D

17th Jan 2007, 15:07

ookiine says:

I was using Outlook 2003. I did some reading of some recent articles that talks about how Outlook 2007 is using WORD 2007 to display HTML, not IE, which causes problems for HTML emails. Plus, I'm not liking the new interface of 2007. I'll use Word & Excel 2007 probably.

Thunderbird does not sync with PDAs and other wireless devices. Nor does it have a calendar. BUT you can download Lightning 0.3 (made by Mozilla) that's an extension for Thunderbird that adds a calendar like Outlook.

17th Jan 2007, 22:12

540air says:

Cheers for the info. I was a little disappointed that there was no calendar, but my install went funny and didn't transfer my settings properly.

I think I'll try again in a couple of days :)

18th Jan 2007, 16:12