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New Firefox extension!

New Firefox extension!
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Alfie says:

Before the linux and OSX bods jump on and say how they've had that sort of spiffiness since 1993, may I just say that's gorgeous, and Im off to get it.

17th Jan 2007, 12:07

James says:

Yeah - I was fully expecting a dissing!

It's called 'tab effect 1.1' if that's any help. And yes, it is cool!

17th Jan 2007, 12:09

I agree Alfie - that is awesome! Is it on the Firefox page somewhere then?

17th Jan 2007, 12:11

James says:

You can get it below Carlos!

17th Jan 2007, 12:14

mat says:

oh, how sweet. Windows people trying to make their backwards little systems look cool. ;-)

actually, that's pretty neat. how does it handle having like twenty tabs open?

17th Jan 2007, 12:19

James says:

And so it begins.... ;-)

I've not had 20 tabs open yet, I don't use that many on a regular basis, but it's been fine with 10 or so open...

There is a 'millisecond' delay when opening a new (blank) tab, so if you're impatient like me you have to stop yourself from typing the url you're going to super-fast, otherwise you end up at and, but I've got the hang of that after 48 hours of use!

17th Jan 2007, 12:24

Alfie says:

very badly - especially with FF 2.0's preference in opening all the tabs that you had open when closing firefox completely. I just spent five minutes manically closing multiple tabs when opening FF before it crashed and burned. Just testing it a bit more.

17th Jan 2007, 12:24

540air says:

I think I'll hold off on this one for a little while, does look good though :)

17th Jan 2007, 12:31

Alfie says:

Seems quite stable now after that first hickup. It's pretty, but it's slow (although that might just be my machine as its crap).

17th Jan 2007, 13:00

ViX says:

Ooooo purdy!!

I've had stupid amounts of tabs open before now and rarely had a problem!

17th Jan 2007, 13:14

I just installed it and had the time to think "shit it doesn't wo..." before it did anything, but I will be charitable and put that down to crapness of computer. Time will tell if I find it pleasant or irritating but for now it has novelty value, thanks James!

17th Jan 2007, 14:20

disconcert says:

oh stupid tags. this was meant to say

"*insert patronising comment* ;) "

18th Jan 2007, 13:48