a monkey made me do it

by teflon

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photos from the martin-o-phone.

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three years of moblogging!

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Three years ago, the brother of a friend from uni posted about his new website. And I signed up, and sent a picture to it - the only MMS I'd recieved to date, a monkey playing the bongos (which I'd got from my friend Aidan with the instruction 'web this please'.)

It took another couple of months before I actually got a cameraphone and started posting properly, but in those three years, I've managed to post over 2000 images here, and made quite a few new friends (and had some fairly drunken evenings with them too).

cheers, folks!

crickson says:

You'll need a bigger wall soon!

19th Jan 2007, 23:56

Euphro says:

Happy moblirthday!

19th Jan 2007, 23:58

nige says:

indeed. birthday bigups to you, tef.

20th Jan 2007, 00:00

teflon says:

cheers! :)
It's actualy a picture of a screen from iPhoto...

20th Jan 2007, 00:53

540air says:

Wow, three years is fantastic. I would have loved to have been here right at teh very start.

Happy mobliversary to you and I had no clue that mat was Salome's brother :)

20th Jan 2007, 01:27

540air says:

And a HL to boot, many congrats :D

20th Jan 2007, 01:37

swamprose says:

and another big up to you.
your blog has been a pleasure.

20th Jan 2007, 01:42

thats a shot of iphoto? that came out really good! the spacing of the images makes it look really good!

20th Jan 2007, 12:36

Steve says:

And there was me thinking that you had sat there with a ruler and set square to get them all positioned perfectly.

Happy Mobirthday

Glad that you did!

20th Jan 2007, 12:43

Joe says:


great stuff, many happy returns...my 3 years isn't till April!

20th Jan 2007, 12:48

wow, three years. makes me feel like a proper noob.

happy mobirthday!

20th Jan 2007, 12:52

Dhamaka says:

happy mobirthday teflon!

20th Jan 2007, 12:54

Alfie says:

:D here's to 3 lovely lovely years Tef.

20th Jan 2007, 13:01

SaharaSB says:

great - congrats dude

20th Jan 2007, 13:21

right *counts*
thats 167 days until my 3rd birthday!

20th Jan 2007, 13:51

MaggieD says:

Congratulations on your 3rd Mobirthday and on your highlight .... a good way to celebrate! .....

20th Jan 2007, 18:50

DocD says:

Mucho congrats

21st Jan 2007, 01:11

JokerXL says:

Yay! another Mobliburthdy!

21st Jan 2007, 10:40

kel says:

and if all that hadn't happened you wouldn't have got me addicted to! happy belated moblogirthday x

21st Jan 2007, 18:13

teflon says:

you and quite a few other people :)

21st Jan 2007, 18:16

julie says:

if i remember correctly, that monkey playing bongos was from your cousin's boxers which we found lying around the house...

23rd Jan 2007, 22:19