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Two new plants, four new platys, a few guppies, two striped catfish and a peacock eel. I only went to the shop to get a plant, I think I got off rather lightly.

Not that you can see any in the photos. Fish are so hard to photograph.

Bottom photo - always wear a seatbelt. Even if you're a fish.
24th Jan 2007, 16:48   | tags:

paintist says: the bottom they get motion sickness tho?

24th Jan 2007, 16:49

mat says:

Not that I know of, but if you can find a way to tell if a fish is feeling sick, you let me know and I'll try it.. :)

It's a real shame I couldn't get a better photo of the peacock eel, it's really nice looking (but very shy!)

24th Jan 2007, 16:55

Rich says:

more fish? Dear god, I'm going to go and buy myself more cats. That'll learn you all.

24th Jan 2007, 17:28

mat says:

To be fair, they do all keep dying. Unlike your cat.

Anyway, Elvis is going to like these, the striped catfish are really active, bright and shiny, plus they shoal too.

Elvis likes watching fish.

24th Jan 2007, 17:35

jetblacknewmoblog says:

wow - that peacock eel looks ace

24th Jan 2007, 17:37

mouseninja says:

i love eels :D

my favourite has to be the fire eel tho...

i've just got rid of all my fish tho (well most of them)
there's just no room at Mason's for my community tank, as well as his oscars, my axolotls and all the vivariums!

kept my talking catfish, banjo catfish, featherfin catfish, and peppered cory tho!

24th Jan 2007, 20:43

monkey finger says:

i'd say always wear a seat belt, especially if you're a fish.

i like the pretty eels

25th Jan 2007, 14:46

JokerXL says:

They just don't design seat belts to fit fish anymore!

25th Jan 2007, 15:08

boet says:

bottom photo: safety first and with airbag :-)

26th Jan 2007, 07:26

mat says:

shurley "waterbag" :)

26th Jan 2007, 12:16

The ORIGINAL Almighty Angel says:

lol @ bottom photo. i hear ya. belle always wears a seatbelt.

29th Jan 2007, 19:40