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the scar in question

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This surgeon did a good job, he sutured it up with a stitch he learned
from a plastic surgery buddy, or so he said. My other surgery scars
definitely look worse.
25th Jan 2007, 08:38   | tags:,


ooh that is very neat, i ahve a surgery scar on the back of my neck i thought was neat but that makes it look positiveky scruffy!

25th Jan 2007, 09:41

paintist says:

very neat :-)

25th Jan 2007, 09:51

swamprose says:

that is the sort of scar you have to point out. It doesn't show. and definitely not the first thing I see when I look at your photo..:)

25th Jan 2007, 10:09

FilbertFox says:

can barely see it - even when it's pointed out. FBW's is impressive, but at least it is hidden by her hair

25th Jan 2007, 10:20

wow thats amazing very neat. i have a friend who had her t thyroid out and although her was neat you could see it quite a bit this you can hardly see.

25th Jan 2007, 10:35

Geodyne says:

That has to be the neatest one I've seen. So many people who've had their thyroids removed end up looking like they've had their throats cut.

25th Jan 2007, 11:53

Sprocket says:

Incredibly good surgeon to leave you with so little scarring. Of course as a blokey when I went under the knife I asked them to leave make as big a scar as pos, so I would have something to show off down t'pub.

25th Jan 2007, 12:20

FilbertFox says:

is that all you show off down the pub Sprocket?

25th Jan 2007, 13:57

yourhermione says:

So glad that they did such a nice job on the scar. It's very subtle. And VERY glad that you got it taken care of!!! Cuz cancer sucks.

25th Jan 2007, 14:43

Tori says:

He had me wear these things too. If anyone has a scar they would like to reduce the look of. Of course I was using it when it was a young scar, so I don't know how it works on older ones.

25th Jan 2007, 16:26

yourhermione says:

They don't work quite as well on old scars as new, but they do help. I used them on a really old scar and they did reduce the redness and made it less noticeable.

25th Jan 2007, 16:46

Dhamaka says:

you can barely see it - did well there
your ankle Mandy?

25th Jan 2007, 21:42

Euphro says:

That is an amazingly low-key scar. I'm very glad that the surgery was successful. Is there anything you have to do/avoid now that you have no thyroid?

26th Jan 2007, 12:53

Tori says:

We are able to monitor the growth of any new thyroid tissue (which might indicate a return of the cancer) through blood tests. I have to take (right now 3) pills everyday to make up for the missing thyroid. However it doesn't just stay the same forever. Over time my levels change and I have go have blood tests and change my meds. Symptoms when things are going wrong one way or another, include depression, memory loss, hair loss (head and eyebrows), inability to handle stress, inability to focus, exhaustion, heart palpitations, being too cold, being too hot, having insomnia, having high blood pressure, having elevated cholesterol, getting muscle cramps. Of course all of these symptoms can be from other things too. It gets aggravating.

26th Jan 2007, 18:04

eroika says:

The doc looks like they did a very good job, the scar looks very well healed. How often are you getting your thyroid checked? I used to work a docs office that worked regularly with ppl with various thyroid problems, we used to test ppl sometimes monthly but usually every 3 months. Good luck and stay well!!

27th Jan 2007, 00:00

Tori says:

In theory, every three months. In practice, umm...

27th Jan 2007, 00:02

eroika says:

Every 3 months!! Be well :-)

27th Jan 2007, 05:08

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