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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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life down by the lake at -15 C.

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Constable La Costa was training his horse who is afraid of trucks. There are a lot of trucks around the docks, not on the beach.The swan followed me and looked at me funny. The dog has no nerves in his feet or he would not be in the water.
25th Jan 2007, 22:40   | tags:,,,

Tori says:

cold paws

25th Jan 2007, 22:45

Euphro says:

Lovely pictures. If you took water out of the lake and put it on the ground or threw it in the air would it freeze quickly?

25th Jan 2007, 22:47

Dhamaka says:

really lovely shots

I like the words too

25th Jan 2007, 22:51

swamprose says:

It sure does, Euphro. Because it is a big body of water, and moving, it takes a long period of cold to really freeze, and we have just now begun serious cold--but very little snow.

25th Jan 2007, 22:54

Jigalong says:

Fair dinkum, the dog maybe onto to something. If the outside temperature is minus 15 degrees, the water is at 0 degrees, this would feel decidely quite warm, right.

25th Jan 2007, 23:13

swamprose says:

fair dinkum for sure...but you do have to get out of the water sometime...I am imagining you are on a very different kind of beach. any sharks?

25th Jan 2007, 23:25

Jigalong says:

I really am a desert type of person. The last time I went for a swim in the sea, I got dumped. And spent the next month getting sand out of all differents parts of my body.

Are there sharks? Hell yeah. They're just lining up for their next meal :)

25th Jan 2007, 23:36

swamprose says:

when I was in Aus, on a boat to Fraser Island, the woman I talked to told me that she loved her dog, but basically it was to throw in before she went swimming. Just in case.

I love the desert too. Northern Canada, the taiga, is considered a desert. No rainfall. But no sand.

25th Jan 2007, 23:43

silar31 says:

Beautiful pup - can't quite make out the scale, is it a Shiba or an Akita Inu? And be careful - ice is beautiful to look at but not so much when it's approaching at a high rate of speed because your footing slipped!

26th Jan 2007, 00:21

swamprose says:

Silar, I don't know what kind of dog it is, but it is one of those Japanese fox kind of dogs. A smallish dog. I think it is an Akita Inu from what the owner said to me.

26th Jan 2007, 00:29

the swan didn't mean to give you a funny look, they can't help it and they do it to us all. I think it's the royal blood...

26th Jan 2007, 01:07

silar31 says:

If it's smallish it's most likely a Shiba Inu. Akita Inu are somewhere between a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute in size.

26th Jan 2007, 05:47

Jesson says:

Beautiful photos SR. I can see the ice crystals forming in the water. The best reference that I have to -15C is having lived in Canberra and it got to -8C. I thought every part of me had frozen! The only thing I can say is that I'm impressed that anyone goes out into -15C temps. That poor policeman (and the horse).

BTW did you hear on your news about the Aussie abalone diver who was almost eaten by a shark- bit him head first down to the chest! His diving vest stopped the shark actually biting through him. The diver then hit the shark in the eye and lived to tell the (exclusive- of course *eye roll) story.

26th Jan 2007, 06:42

swamprose says:

Jesson, I did read about the diver and the shark. Head down into a a shark-wooo.

this morning it is -16. It doesn't change anything. You just bundle up. We're headed for a
heat wave, -3 ;)

26th Jan 2007, 13:54

Rick says:

Beautiful pics! -15C is 5F, pretty cold! The swan pic is great, I love how close you were able to get. My fav is the constable on the horse.

28th Jan 2007, 04:02

Jesson says:

I just love the adjustable idea of a heatwave... -3C! LOLOLOL

29th Jan 2007, 02:41

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