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interview - 01/25/2007

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Some more interview pics from Moscow. All of them are taken by whichitalineman -
/> Onstage shots to come :)
posted by Zaira
27th Jan 2007, 17:58  

clara says:

Very laid back and clear.
Nice one of Paul second shot down.
Looking forward to onstage shots!

27th Jan 2007, 18:07

char says:

A man in a cardy is a fine fine thing. Not sure about the bling though. I love Tom. Xx

27th Jan 2007, 19:35

clara says:

I agree about the bling.
But Paul takes no notice of a word I say(wags finger)

27th Jan 2007, 19:45

Ducky says:

Haha at the bling....! Paul wears anything even if it doesnt match haha|!
But very nice photos..

28th Jan 2007, 09:05

elenarendezvous says:

What´s a bling? The ring? I realy love it, if you´re talking about it. Great pics :)

28th Jan 2007, 09:25

char says:

Non matching clothes are my favourite thing! And yes Elena, its the ring were talking about :) Xx

28th Jan 2007, 10:03

flowerpetal says:

@ Char: I agree, I love wearing clothes that don't match, clashing colours, etc. Ohhh I love dressing up!

28th Jan 2007, 16:58

char says:

Me too!! I'll take ANY opportunity to wear a spangly dress and coloured tights. How I LOVE coloured tights! I hate that they're "in fash". Xx

28th Jan 2007, 18:23

Bound says:

OMG! Man in Cardi = teh sex... I quite like the ring. I may ask if I can kiss his ring at Stage 2, I love it so much.

28th Jan 2007, 18:37

char says:

Bound...if you ask him that while I'm there I'm going home. Xx

28th Jan 2007, 19:09

char says:

Im clearly not going anywhere...but I will be mortified. Xx

28th Jan 2007, 19:09

elenarendezvous says:

He´s a Corleone. Take care of him, Bound

28th Jan 2007, 19:40

clara says:

Kiss his ring?He'll have read that comment and won't wear it at Stage 2 if he knows that's your intention(scary fangirl thing,you see)

28th Jan 2007, 20:02

clara says:

Cardi's cuddly though,I agree.He looks a bit French in that outfit,rather stylish.

28th Jan 2007, 20:03

Bound says:

Look love, I would have to get very, very pissed to say anything that stupid. xx But Elena's right to pick up on that...I think he has Mafia aspirations, what with the De Niro impression and all. :)

28th Jan 2007, 20:10

clara says:


28th Jan 2007, 21:06

Ducky says:


29th Jan 2007, 08:43

Romen says:

Very nice photos :) Thanks :)

12th Feb 2007, 18:43