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The little one meets Russ.


FilbertFox says:

so so so lovely

28th Jan 2007, 16:32

Sprocket says:

aww - so teeny tiny.

28th Jan 2007, 16:32

eroika says:

That's so precious!

28th Jan 2007, 17:46

Aaaww its so tiny.
Want it Want it Want it !!!

28th Jan 2007, 17:57

silar31 says:

What did Russ make of Toto? First time Shawnee, my parents Russ-sized Labrador/Collie mix saw Bandit, he was about Toto sized and she was a nervous wreck - she was being so very careful not to step on him!

28th Jan 2007, 20:20

ookiine says:


28th Jan 2007, 21:53

Russ acted the same kind of way. He kept looking up at me as if to make sure everything was okay! I sat with him so he'd sit too, then Toto would charge at us with paws a-flapping and Rusty would do a pretend swipe at him!

29th Jan 2007, 01:21

silar31 says:

Aw, that's lovely, I hope they get to be good friends! Shawnee and Bandit were the best of friends - he still looks for her when we go down, and it's been over a year since she died. Gracie scares him a but - she is very dominant, and Shawnee didn't know the meaning of the word.

29th Jan 2007, 03:10

cocofrida05 says:

yes little toto, ha, hmm is it a he or a she? whatever it is peed on my dads bed, i laughed at him

29th Jan 2007, 03:14

It's a boy coco, and your little sis may want to take him out more often because he peed on my rug too! I should go and take any rug in his house to replace it (have you seen The Big Lebowski?)!

29th Jan 2007, 19:54

silar31 says:

Remember Silar's Rule Of Housetraining A Puppy: When the pup does his business in the house, take the newspaper, roll it up, and whack yourself upside the head for giving the puppy the opportunity do his business inside the house :-)

29th Jan 2007, 22:46

mouseninja says:


it's sooo tiny! i want a little dog.. but mason doesn't like them :(

i really want a cavalier king charles!

30th Jan 2007, 23:08

silar31 says:

mouseninja, in the spirit of compromise, you might take a good look at the English Cocker Spaniel. They have the extremely sweet personality of the very small spaniels. with a dash of happy-go-lucky thrown in, and they are closer to being a medium size dog, but still small enough to hang out on your lap :-). I worked for a grooming shop and the owners bred and showed Engies. I loved those little dogs!

1st Feb 2007, 06:32