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Australia Day WOW!

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Unfortunately I can't take the credit for this one!!! I wish I could -
Taken by a friend of a staff member at work, this was the view of the
Australia day fireworks from Hillary's beach near Perth!... Fireworks,
Lightening and Comet all at the same time! Truly and amazing
photograph!! Nature at it's best!! - One I just had to share.!


Bloody hell. Fantaatic photos. I can't believe you got fireworks and lightning in the same shot!

1st Feb 2007, 07:33

SpoonZ says:

Neither can I... although It there were some real big storms all around Perth that night... Unfortunatly I didn't go to the "Skyworks" this year. I wish I had though... everyone was raving about the fantastic photos they were coming away with!! Damn... if you're not in the right place at the right time... well you know the rest!

1st Feb 2007, 07:35

There'll always be "one's that got away". I've kicked myself a few times for either missing something unmissable or taking a photo of something unmissable only to discover it's come out blurry/wonky/deleted when I get home.

1st Feb 2007, 07:47

SpoonZ says:

Yep, You just have to try to capture more than you miss! My ratio's not too bad at the moment :o)

1st Feb 2007, 07:49

Helen says:


1st Feb 2007, 08:09

ViX says:

Great shot!!

1st Feb 2007, 08:17

James says:


1st Feb 2007, 08:57

jle says:

i missed australia day, i was still in london, it looks stunning!

EDIT: jesus the lightning is amazing!

5th Feb 2007, 08:08

Buffet says:

Hi Spoonz, I'm wondering what the photographers name is of this beautiful photo?

24th Oct 2008, 22:41