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So what if it's snowing and it's -15 C.?
7th Feb 2007, 02:58   | tags:,,,,

Jigalong says:

I'm just looking at these pictures in disbelief. How can a town function when its so darn cold. Dont the roads ice up, making cars ability to turn/brake a lottery? There no way I would be cycling.

7th Feb 2007, 03:10

swamprose says:

LOL, J. Driving anything in snow is an art. But an art you learn.

7th Feb 2007, 03:37

yatesybear says:

As an Australian I would just like to say OMG - I can't believe bikes i snow - and I'm avoiding my bike coz it's too hot!

7th Feb 2007, 04:25

midlife says:

Are all those pictures taken in the same general area?

7th Feb 2007, 05:57

bfish says:

great set. I like all of them.

7th Feb 2007, 06:42

Puddlepuff says:

Die hard cyclists FTW!! They might be slightly mental, but no polution!!

Do people take their saddle whene they park it somewhere? Or are these people that love pain?

7th Feb 2007, 08:22

Dhamaka says:

they're so cool!

Is it the Fins who say "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing"?

7th Feb 2007, 08:48

SpoonZ says:

A fantastic set of shots... so crisp, and cold! The cyclist in the second shot looks like he's gliding ABOVE the snow... wicked!

7th Feb 2007, 08:51

FilbertFox says:

wonderful. I have to admit the idea of cycling in the traffic in Leeds in the snow does not appeal, but off road would be ok

7th Feb 2007, 10:04

paintist says:

glad to see most of them wearing helmets....they must fall off a lot on such slippery surfaces...
great set of shots, makes me appreciate even more the lovely sunshine I have today......

7th Feb 2007, 10:50

hildegard says:

Heh - snowy cycling is interesting, can't deny it, but much easier if you run the tyres at slightly low pressure to improve traction & braking...

7th Feb 2007, 11:39

From what I'm told, all of us in the UK and going to have to put our snow cycling/driving skills to the test tomorrow!

7th Feb 2007, 12:14

swamprose says:

good morning.
P, people don't fall off. It's like anything in the snow, you learn how to do it. Helmets are the norm here.
Midlife, all the photos are in the same area. I have about 15 more, just didn't want to be overwhelming.
Puff, people take off their seats so they won't get stolen, or wrecked by snow/sleet/rain. not a pain thing.
and yatesybear, give the beach my best regards today. :)

7th Feb 2007, 12:15

OJ says:

Nice set. The second picture is especially sharp.

Minus fifteen you say? You see I was feeling all pleased with myself for going running last night. But it was minus 6, minimum, probably not even that cold. Hmm...

7th Feb 2007, 15:02

540air says:

Now that's fun. I used to love cycling in the snow when I was younger :)

7th Feb 2007, 15:24

Euphro says:

That reminds me of 1982 in Dublin (Ireland). Has the lake frozen yet?

7th Feb 2007, 17:29

nige says:

great shots swamprose, but it's that first one for me that says it all. minus 10 here tonight apparently...

7th Feb 2007, 17:38

swamprose says:

Dublin in 1982? It must have been exciting.

I haven't been down to the lake in a while. I will go check it out. It MUST be frozen by now.

It's lunchtime here, and it's warmed up to -10.

And here's hoping there is a huge snow storm over the the UK tonight.

7th Feb 2007, 17:47

MaggieD says:

Wow, wonderful snow shots ..... afraid I am not brave enough to go out on my bike in weather like that .... a fair weather cyclist , me :( ....

7th Feb 2007, 17:58

JokerXL says:

WoW, brave bikers!
It's going to snow here tomorrow afternoon, around three fortyfive, to be exact.
Mark my words.

7th Feb 2007, 18:00

harimanjaro says:

Fantastic. I'm quite looking forward to getting out for a ride in the snow tomorrow.

7th Feb 2007, 18:30

taniwha says:

I took a decent bike ride for the first time sicne november last saturday planning to start cycling to work again .... and then woke up ion Tueday and thought too cold. Thhese are inspiring.

7th Feb 2007, 19:36

ViX says:

I think they can safely be called hardcore!

Great shots btw :)

7th Feb 2007, 19:41

great series....

Will email :-)

8th Feb 2007, 16:40

fantastic set of photos. I thought the top one was me for a minute as my weatherproofing is usually red, but then I remembered I haven't had the chance to cycle in snow for a few years now. The thing non-cyclists don't realise is that if you have the right clothing you warm up very quickly, especially with the extra effort of snow negotiation.

8th Feb 2007, 21:52

Puddlepuff: a good saddle can be an expensive item, and many bikes these days have a quick release lever in place of the old nut and bolt, which makes saddle theft very quick and easy, so best to take it with you. Also, you can keep it warm and dry ;-)

8th Feb 2007, 21:55

Paintist: there's no scientific proof that a helmet provides any extra safety for the cyclist. I have fallen from many bikes in many different situations, but I don't think I've ever broken anything (touches wood) The only thing of which I can be certain is that I have never had an injury higher than my shoulder.

8th Feb 2007, 21:58

harimanjaro says:

I'm with the hobo on the helmet issue, and I can bore for Britain on the subject. I wear one because I ride off-road a lot, sometimes way too fast. For ordinary riding they're not really necessary unless wearing one makes you feel better.

9th Feb 2007, 00:03

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