Weird....but in a good way!

by Essitam

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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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It sucks that I cant go outside!!

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But I'm kind of glad I was behind the window!!

rikaitch says:

I love the first shot. It just says "Take that!"

8th Feb 2007, 10:00

Essitam says:

Yeah you can't see his face properly but you just know there is a HUGE grin there!!

8th Feb 2007, 10:01

Euphro says:

That top picture is absolutely fab!

8th Feb 2007, 10:06

spongevid says:

no fair!!! i want snow!!!

8th Feb 2007, 10:11

abiratsis says:


8th Feb 2007, 10:37

James says:

Man, my hands were FROZEN after that. They throbbed for about 10 mins!

I might get some pay back when I pick him up from school, but I fear I may be out numbered!

8th Feb 2007, 10:45

paintist says:

beware the snowball kept in the freezer for a 'revenge'

8th Feb 2007, 10:47

anonymous says:

Abuse button pressed?

8th Feb 2007, 11:08

James says:

Yeah, I pressed it - that random 'ass' comment coming from a user with no posts (minus 1 according to their profile) who only signed up on Jan 12th? Smells like spam to me!

8th Feb 2007, 11:11

540air says:

I'm with Euphro, that top pic is ace :)

8th Feb 2007, 11:32

Euphro says:

It's a bit of a strange random comment, but I can't see anything particularly untoward here. It's really up to Essitam whether they want to delete it or not.

8th Feb 2007, 11:40

Sprocket says:

Excellent top splatty photo - in yer face sucker!!!

8th Feb 2007, 11:46

Ace shots!

8th Feb 2007, 11:48

Essitam says:

Strange random comment type person only bothered me as it's completely out of context.....

Is he/she referring to the fact that I can't leave the house and that's "Ass"

Or am I an "Ass" for letting the blonde one and the big kid throw snowballs at my windows, and If that's the case I agree...but maybe we'll never know what is "Ass" maybe he/she just doesn't like snow.

And yes I love all these especially the top pic....He was definitely throwing with some intent!!!!

8th Feb 2007, 11:56

Hope the back is feeling better. You know that the second you went outside you would have slipped on some ice and it's back to the floor you go. Maybe you'll get a better snow soon and you can go out and play with the kids.

8th Feb 2007, 15:20

FilbertFox says:

fantastic, i wanna play

9th Feb 2007, 08:23