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backstage at a nerd party.

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yesterday was the second and last day of a local anime and gaming
convention. it was pretty well cleared out by the time we got there, and
they didn't even bother charging for admission. most of the rooms were
deserted save for a few stragglers playing board games, some on console
games, and a few people wandering around in - inexplicably - renaissance
fair garb. the lan gaming was the only thing still going strong, with
maybe 20 people all hunched in front of modded PCs. walking through the
lan gaming room was a bit like the last scene in the birds: walk slowly
and don't make any sudden movements; you don't want them noticing you.
at the back of it, we found this. it is a table full of anime-related
prizes that was being given away to... someone, i guess. there was also
a tiny projector back in this darkened room, showing bootleg anime to an
audience of none. there was no one back there, we were kind of crashing
the place, and all around us were the sounds of gamers being
faux-threatening to each other. it was all very menacing.

actual quote, overheard as we made our escape: "oh god, they're coming
up all around me!!! somebody please HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" in the
absence of context, it was terrifying. anyway, as regards the pic: i
have no idea who won these prizes, or whether they were satisfied with
them. i suspect not.

6th Sep 2004, 19:24